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It absolutely was solid, I wouldn't say anything needed to be taken away, I just wanted more rituals. idk if we were playing it right, but we were using the rituals as scenarios, or even scene intos/backdrops that helped with the story and how to progress through. 

Just played this with two friends and we came up with an incredible story where an Big City investor is planning on buying a small town paper crafts store and a meddling journalist (who turned out to be a christmas spirit) mediates them to remember Christmas is about family, love, and not capitalism. HIGHLY recommend as the system is very versitile and there is potential to play tons of scenarios. The only thing I'd really say is I wish there were more rituals to use to help as a backdrop for the stories. 


Mucha Lucha! Loved this game, love the concept. Tons of fun. 

Multiple players. 3+ is recommended 

Multiple players. 3+ is recommended.

multiple players. 3+ is recommended

This is a solo rpg.

they're mysteries for Monster of the Week by Michael Sands. These mysteries can run 2-4 hours, depending on what the players discover. 

More than one. However many the guide feels comfortable with

as many as people would like! It's definitely recommended to have at least 2 players.