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Mr. Maniac

A member registered Jul 29, 2017

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Alright. This game is amazing. This is just one of the episodes I recorded for the game, but when I am writing this, I already finished the demo. Really nice job on the game, I'm looking forward to getting the full version :D

I enjoyed this one more than the first game, wfen if it was only a demo. I am looking forward for the full version :D

Cool game. I have a weakness for games where you can make your own decisions :P .        I enjoyed the demo and I'm looking forward for the full game. :D

Good thing I fount that out in the game before I saw the message. I don't like spoilers :D

Really nice game! I have had a lot of fun with it so far and I can't wait to see what ending I will get :D ( hopefully a cool one :P ). Good job with the game!

P.S. Really cool soundtrack!

When the lady with the stomach rash comes and you make her pay 10 gold, you only get 5 anyway. Also. the game got stuck for me 2 times so I had to restard the whole thing twice. The dialogue stops and nothing happens, and I can do nothing other than watch how the characters look at eachother. I'm looking forward to playing this again in the future :)