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I don't own either edition of the game, but want to play it. Should I purchase MIRU I or MIRU 2? If you had to choose one. 


fantastic. I will definitely support this. Sorry I missed any kickstarter stuff. 

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Any chance of purchasing a physical copy?

Sorry ignore - just read “later this year”. I’d love to be notified. Thanks. 


I’m really bummed I just learned about this and it’s sold out at exalted funeral. I prefer to play my rpgs screen free, so without pdfs. Staples is now charging 75 cents per color page. If the author reads this and wants to sell me a print cooy, if possible, let me know. Looks cool. 

awesome game

I have a question... is it possible to buy physical copies of Stacked Tower, Bestiary, Nott, and Cult of the Blind God? I've bought a physical copy of MiniBx.

Also, have you considered making those titles above into a bundle? I'd buy that. 



i look forward to purchasing it as I’ve really enjoyed your work in the past

thanks again

how do I purchase the physical copy?

As noted coupon didn’t work but I purchased the physical copy anyway. Therefore may I get a copy of the PDF? Thanks 

Hi Lucas,

A couple hours after I wrote the above, the exalted funeral site was updated, and you are correct, and I purchased it there. 



Hi Lucas,

Respectfully, I promise you that’s not the case. With all due respect please look at my screen grab and you’ll see print is not available.  

Anywhere else I can acquire it? Desperate to play it.  Thanks,


Hi Lucas, No, unfortunately, it’s been sold out there. Any way I can buy it from you (or anywhere else)?



Hi Lucas. I'm still looking for Pacts and Blades in print form. Can you sell me a copy? I bought a module for it in print, that i can't use because I don't have a print version of Pacts and Blades. Sorry I can't use PDFs.



Is it possible to purchase a physical copy of P&B? I still can't use the physical copy of the The Silent Tower that I purchased because I don't understand the monster stats - or can you convert them to Basic Dungeons and Dragons (1983 Frank Mentzer - B.E.C.M.I.) ?

Hi Lucas. Let me know if you have a sale. I’m interested in using this for the Basic, Expert, Companion, Master, Immortal (B.E.C.M.I) version of Dungeons and Dragons (by Frank Mentzer). Thanks 

Hi - I purhased Silent Tower without reading the fine print. In other words,  I don't own and am not familiar with Pacts and Blades. Does this mean I can't use Silent Tower... under the damage for the creatures I don't understand what the numbers mean.

Yes please do. PayPal “”

Hi. I just purchased a physical copy - wanted to make sure you received the address I submitted. Also, I've not paid the shipping (don't know what World Zone I'm in - I'm in the United States).  Thanks!

Hi Chris. I just bought a used copy of Electric Bastionland and I'm very excited about giving it a try. I want to try using it as a solo rpg, simply out of necessity as I have no one to play with. Would you be willing to offer any advice on how to play it solo? thanks! Michael