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Great aesthetic and fun world to explore. The difficulty is a bit on the easy side and the whole experience is quite short, as it can be beaten in a little under three hours, though it is a possibility I missed a secret area if one exists. I am not personally bothered by game length but since this is being charged as a product it should be mentioned. Overall I had my fun with it and I can see myself coming back for a replay every now and then. Good stuff.

My daily ritual of seeing whether or not Hendecad has been updated has finally paid off with what is easily the most surreal and atmospheric level yet. The game is truly coming into its own and I look forward to whatever comes next! Perhaps one day we'll be able to reach that house underneath the ice...?

Great update with lots to see. The starting level is now the most content rich level yet. Glad this game is still getting updated, it has a very unique atmosphere to it.