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mr arcage

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this game is absolutely AMAZING. i can't even explain how good it is!

another classic...

I have finally finished Please, Don't Touch Anything. This is such a wonderful game and hopefully they make a sequel!

thanks but what is that thing that says kill all humanz

also how do i get the ending that has bender

im using the web version but how do you get ending 7

Dear lixian, you are a GREAT developer amazing even! but... WHERE IS WEB VERSION AVAILABLE

best regards, mr arcage

Baba Yoda

Hello Uppon Hill, i want to make textures for my isometric pixel art levels but i don't know how to make them. could you tell me how to?

(or you can't do that?)

wish karlson was on browser as well

Deepnight games NEVER disappoints anybody. my map may look a bit boring but either way i took time with it and i love it 

Hey bippinbits is it okay that i could make an enemy for your game? if it's okay with you. 

i love this game. i wished there was more levels or a sequel. but i love it im probably gonna make some fan art of this game.

Hi again! it is a Linux based platform. Also thanks for replying i also want to be a indie game developer like you. The first game i played that you created was sabotage

Hi! i tried downloading it on my personal computer but my computer is a chromebook is there any way to be available on chromebooks?