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This is cool! Maybe to make it a little easier and help the player adjust, you could start with a large radius, and shrink down as time or laps go by? Sort of like you have a crappy battery for the controller? Maybe add battery powerups to recharge, or choose to balance speed over range?

This was pretty fun! Sometimes I wanted to stay in a level longer, to see how long I could go... Maybe leave the jumps up to the player? As a risk/reward kind of mechanic?

I would give the player some kind of health system or maybe checkpoints. It's too difficult dying in one hit.

I would have liked to have bit of time with control of the ship and have systems fail as the game progressed. As it is, it feels uncontrollable from the start. 

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Sounds good! Your game reminds me most of Puzzle Bubble arcade games; they had a system where they showed you a preview of the first bounce or two, if I remember correctly. But I totally get your reason for doing the aim the way you did.  If you keep developing it and add more obstacles the preview would eventually be moot anyway in terms of difficulty.

One other thing, is that if you eventually target mobile platforms I think it would be a really good fit! Then you wouldn't even have the issue with the mouse!

'Twas fun! I loved the game feel of it all, how the ball snaps to the rings and effects. Aiming is very tricky, though. I get that seeing the mouse would give away the game. But without the mouse sometimes you're very close or far away and it gets hard to control.

Really cool game, love the interaction. It's way to difficult at the near the end, though. The temperature fluctuates too rapidly to adjust with the thermostat, and the grading colors just isn't intuitive enough to punish the player so harshly.