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Cannot download the Mac version from itch app, but is able to download via itch site.

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Minor issue for the options screen:

1. When opining the OPTIONS window, the default tab is GAME while the  content shown is GRAPHICS;

2. The HQ SHADERS option is now outside of the OPTIONS window.

This is from Version 9.8 for Windows 64-bit. Mac OSX version (Intel 9.8) is also affected.

Thank you for fixing that! I've downloaded V8.4 via itch app successfully. :)

Cannot download the Mac version: they are identified as for Windows.

He does not wear any underpants, this mosaic mask serves as his.

Stuck, is it a bug or a Bad end?

I don't think there's a NEXT for "I wish it wasn't, I wish I was...." in Chapter 2.

Latest MacOS with 8G ram, but I don't feel my Mac running slow when I first saw that "Blank" face.

It's the scene after I pass the first Tournament. Seemed some faces for the twins are not ready?

It on the Mac version 4.4.

By the way, I've never able to finish Valdo's spearfishing minigame on difficulty normal... Always failed when needed to move in 1 direction twice to reach the gap between logs WITHOUT any bonus fishes. Is there a chance to tune down the difficulty?

One more issue... When I repaired the weapon shop at night, after the scene, the time travelled back to evening. So strange...

I suppose the Mac version still have save issue on the latest macOS (Catalina 10.15.6): when I try to delete a save that is empty, the game stucked at the confirm delete save view (the one you need to click yes or no). I can still move my mouse cursor but cannot click. Also when I try to save it failed.

There is another issue: when I get the free room from the inn, laying in my bed while needing to check up-stairs for the noise, I opened my inventory before any other actions. But I cannot exit the inventory screen. I closed the game then reopen it, and the game get me back to the point just before I open my inventory. Afterwards, the close button in inventory screen worked.

Also, not sure if it is bug or not, when I played the Axes and Beer minigame at the evening, the time shifted to night for the ending scene, but will automatically shift to the next morning.

It's OK. I'm still enjoying this game though. It's really addictive, and I'd still play it to the end even with this "freeze" bug.

Seemed that every time when I unlock an achievement the bug happens:

1st - 3rd play: when I was awarded the completed skill tree achievement

4th play: when I was awarded the Lv100 achievement

Tried out the new Mac demo v2.0.5, and seemed to have issues with the save functions.

When starting game, I cannot start with the first save slot, and can start using the second save slot.

When I try to save in-game, there is an error message that save has issue.

When I try to exit the game, it prompt that I've not save for a long time and ask me to save. When I try to save the save dialog disappears but the game just don't proceed. I'm forced to quit without saving.

Thanks for the demo! Already trying that out.

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My character just freeze on screen every time i finish a quest after Lv 41. I can use the hotkeys to do all other stuff though, just cannot move my character. This can be fixed after saving -> exiting to the title screen -> load the save, but happen again once I finish another quest.

In  addition, after loading my character is back to where I start the game, not where I save, when this bug happens.


Update on 19 Jan 2020:

Played the 3rd time, and the "freeze" bug start happening at Lv 37, when I unlocked the whole speed runner skill tree.

Seemed the issue is not from my level, but the skill tree I completes. Maybe it is relating to learning the last skills in each skill tree?

Will try the 4th time, this time completing NONE of the skill trees and see if the bug still happens.

Have issue playing the game on Mac version 3 after Lv 41, needs to save and restart every time I complete a quest.