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i will singlehandedly bring this game back

generated a crocodile with the color's gold, lavender and rust. Her name's gonna be Emilia and she doesn't look a whole lot like a croc

a Macaw with th colors pastel pink, blue-black and mint green. Any name suggestions?

Okay. I loved our roleplays together :) 

havent been here in a while

and i miss the days before shit was dead are some creations based on a FNaF character generator i made on perchance

supposed to be a jagwaur. Looks more like some weird housecat. I think im gonna name it Wendy

A cow with the random generated colours dark teal, olive green and jade green. Glamrock animatronic, any name ideas?

character resembalance was DJ Music Man. I think i did an okay job, naming her Xuzan

holy shit man! sorry i disappeared. i lot of shit happened, my devices broke, passwords were lost, i was afraid you might hate me.....a lot of stuff

Actually i was under the account THE POLYWOG GOD. An OCi had was named Moxy and i kew two people by the names of DarthFox and Kat. Kat used a MHA OC by the same name and liked roleplaying as Katsuki Bakugou. DarthFox was the BEST and had multiple Creepypasta OCs. My favourite was Bunny

i do seriously miss the days where this was a real thing and all of us used to make Ocs and worlds out of it

loves beer and beer


This game was exactly what i needed in my life. 10/10 i hope you continue it

everyone died in 4 dayd of hunger cause they all fought with each other instead of getting food

wat is

he happy

(2 edits)

amazing. beautiful. nice writing too

in my playthrough of this my crew was 3 men, 3 woman and transman and a transwoman. Everything went at least ok, this shit never reached the public and i got a loving partner



does anyone know a fursona maker with a pig/hog/boar option? if not would anyone draw my fursona for free?

ok. would you like to rn?


yo do u think youd like to rp with me with ur fursona sometime?

yeah its weird ik

ok thank u

Its when your fursona/OC either gets turned or feels romantic attraction to fat/obese people/fursonas/etc. or gets turned on by making a fursona/oc gain weight through magical means


anyone know a good no-download fursona maker?

it is


not like its gonna get better tho


society is bullshit

My fursona's name is Moxy, she's around 16, Asexual Pnaromantic with no kinks. Her parents were hybrids, as were their parents so shes a mutt of like 8 different things because imaginary animals

My second one is Remus, hes 20-something and a hog. Hes Pansexual Homoromantic with a feederisim kink because reasons

e x a c t l y

like if you keep faking tics its gonna become a reflex and if you keep acting like you have OCD your mind will adapt to what you're doing, so you might just be giving yourself issues you didnt have priviously, and if you dont end up doing tht then youre just faking serious issues

yknow we need the death sentence back so we can get rid of these people

stop trying to fake BiPolar and Tourettes and shit, it hurts the people with these mental issues

yeah i hate the ppl in he furry community that are like that. Like stop sliding into my DMs i dont like you and niether does my fursona

and SOmeboDy will be racist about it

yes we need to throw the 'pick me' girls in an active volcano. Then maybe you fucks will have fucking trauma and shut the fuck up

what if it gets to the point where races keep mixing with other races untill everyone is Mixed

see we need to send this to the 'pick me' and 'quirky' girls and ppl who pretend to be this knd of mentally ill for atention

same half of furry community: hewo lemme fack ya! no consent owo

Me over here: one kink and asks for consent multiple times


mk ill be using Cyanide. shes 16 btw

yo idk u but sence Queen's gone do u wanna rp?

yeah no p3d0 jokes please. also do u rp?