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Thanks for pointing this out! Both editions have been updated.

Topograph really changes the landscape of business card game design, making "leave blank spaces/draw maps" mean something for the first time in years.

As a person who plays a lot of support and healers in other games, I really want to play The Watchpoint as a character who's in orbit of the planet the rest of the pilots and their vehicles are on. Abilities like Surprise Package make for a fun "okay, here's the thing you needed", dropped from the sky!

This deck is incredible and exactly what I needed today! I'm looking forward to using this in all sorts of games to quickly and easily develop or give character to NPCs.

It's a great idea, executed superbly!

Thank you so much for the review and feedback! The comparison to Succulent Sorcerers is both flattering and appreciated.

A new PDF has been uploaded with what is hopefully clearer text for each of these issues (short answer: yes to both), a little more direction, and a re-ordering of the pages!