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I get stuck on "Creating Character".. it just sits there forever.. the little circle is spinning and the "tips" keep scrolling past, but it neve actually does anything... any fix for this?

edit: nevermind. I figured it out. If anyone else is having this issue, just run it in Admin Mode

found this little gem on Facebook. really excited to hear that you're vying for a steam release. is that still in the works? and if so, is there some sort of ETA? love this game.. wish there were more like it.

this is basically unplayable unless maybe if you're the one who made it. the controls are extremely clunky, the menus are downright terrible. the interface needs a huge overhaul. I love the premise, and the pixel graphics are pretty great, but you really shouldn't be charging ten dollars for a broken game. i'll be keeping an eye on this one though in hopes that you clean it up and get it in working order.