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🧹 🧹 🧹

these are very mysterious

Fantastic, thanks!

Hello! Sorry to pester again, but I am having some kind of quirky behaviour with some of my bloxels?
These missing faces here, it seems like anything that enters this chunk is erased, but acts as if it's there (as it's merging with its neighbours). Any idea what might be going on? I tried cleaning up missing and hidden bloxels already.

Alright! And no worries, this isn't urgent and I know you've got your hands full with other things.

Just a heads-up that the internal materials don't convert automatically either! Actually I have some other support questions, is it OK to post here or would you prefer an e-mail?

Oh, of course! I'm a dummy who...converted the material but didn't think to point the Base Map at the texture atlas.

I'm loving tinkering around with this tool! It's very cool and easy and fits my really specific needs for doing really chunky level design.

I was wondering though, since I'm doing a bunch of custom shader work in shadergraph lately, is it possible to adapt the bloxels material to work with the universal rendering pipeline? Or even make custom materials?

I could probably do it myself but I'm not sure what I need to know. Is it a matter if matching the inputs?


It's wonderful. Lets have more games where we just go to the shop, get into highjinks, and be friendly to people.

I think about this game regularly since it came out. It's lovely. I wish I could explore more of this world.

Very cool. I rode away on the tram. Nice place to visit.

I'm loving this series.

This is really great, thank you.

Oh, OK I got it that time! Not sure what I did differently- very cool ending though.

Hmm, I need a hint since  I spent about 20 minutes matching symbols on the two computers and you mention the playtime being less than 10 minutes. Lovely atmosphere though.

Sorry about that, Ill look into it! Thanks for playing.

Just amazing, thank you.

This is the good stuff!

Very good. I escaped!

This one really feels like falling into a bad dream.

Good stuff!

I really enjoyed this!

Looks great and tastes great too.

I hadn't thought of it but doing a little update could be fun, actually.

This is extremely good.

I went inside the shed. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be in here.

Hey, this was great! I spent way too long beating grandpa.


This is really clever. I love the sort of frame animation boiling effect on objects.

Love this!

This game is really special.

That's great! Thanks for saying so, I'm glad you had a chance to try it!

This is very tender and good.

This is good.

Very cute!

This is wonderful. Thank you.

This is just fantastic.

Oh no! I'll see if I can find it somewhere, I definitely didn't have a recording myself, and I assumed the Venus Patrol stream would remain archived.