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I run and play in some PbB games and I'm always looking for good ideas to make these games better. Thanks for posting!

There are some fun ones on the list. I like #14.

It looks like we both landed on the same image for our DD&D Door Jamb Jam submissions.  It's such a cool picture.

Good stuff!  I especially liked the membrane doors and the last two dungeon doors.

Thanks for sharing!

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Giving this a spin tonight after watching a short actual play on youtube. You can read my online journal of the game. (I ended up taking two short sessions to play the full game) 
It's an interesting game. Thanks for sharing!

This is really cool. Would you be open to people using it to create variants for other FitD games?

This looks amazing!  While I don't have a group of kid/tween/teen players right now, I could see this working really well for some of the players in my current Bump in the Dark game to take home and play with their kids.
It also looks like a cool way to run a Bump-ish one-shot at a convention

I've run solo adventures, duets (myself as GM and one player), and a group of 4 players plus myself as the GM.  The adventures I've run have taken 2-4 hours.

You'll need to design your own adventures, though there are some tools included to make this easier.

This looks amazing!  I grabbed Joey V's pdf. I've got my next couple of adventures lined up, but I want to slot this into the mix soon!


Please do, I'd love to put a map together for it, though your flowchart/diagram maps work just fine.

Wow! This is beautiful work!

Good stuff. Thanks for sharing it.

Would you be interested in a map of the manor and/or the lair of the beast?  I don't have a lot of time these days, but I'd love to help support this project.

I've been loving this podcast so far. Thanks!

Congrats! This is wonderful news.

Happy, happy Birthday!

I've had a blast every time I run this adventure (in AD&D and Best Left Buried so far). I'd like to write a conversion for Cairn and post in at if that's ok. 

This looks amazing! I can't wait to try it out.

I appreciate that!  While it will be posted at the Cairn website, I'd be happy to send you a copy of the markdown file as well.

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Emiel, I'd like to write a conversion guide for running this with Cairn. Do you have any objections to that?  (The guide would include translations of the monsters and magic items, but would not be playable without access to the adventure itself.)

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The PDF cuts off midway through row 7.  I closed and reopened it, works great.  That was odd.

Great looking set of spellbooks. Thanks for creating this.

Good stuff! Love the magic items and the new monster - they really underscore the flavor.  I'm looking forward to seeing updates to connect the couple of hooks that are currently left hanging.
It will be cool to see how you're using the response clock.

Oh, cool. I'll have to look into that.  I'm currently moving to Downtime in Zyan instead of a freeform approach I'd used up to this point.  Trophy Hearthfire sounds like another good resource to help me layer in a bit more color.

I really love this concept and the way you've laid it out. I play much more AD&D and OSE than BitD, and I'm adapting this idea to the way I run downtime in those systems. Thanks so much for sharing.

Beautiful map with a nice workable key, encounters, rumors, and factions. Just the thing a busy group needs to give a Mausritter hex-crawl a try.

I'm just loving this incursion. My gaming group at work is playing it during lunch on Fridays. We just finished the first ring. I'll post some updates as we play through it.

This is a great example of what Genius Loci can do for adventure settings, and a real enticement to play some Pariah.

Thanks so much! I hope it's useful for you.

Thanks! I'd love to hear how it goes.

This is a great, short version of Pariah. There are a bunch of great adventure-building/running tools packed into three pages of text.

That's awfully kind of you to say. Hit me up w/ a DM on twitter and I'll send you a PDF. You can certainly adapt a bunch of the stuff for other OSR games pretty easily.

These look great! If I ever end up running a steam-punk game, I know where to look.

I'll let you know.  I think my biggest thing is to figure out what would work best for them.

This looks really useful. It's got me thinking about making something similar for my players.

I still love this toolkit, I ended up suggesting it as a resource for my wife to use at rehearsals for a play she's the dramaturg for when she was asked to do a presentation on intimacy and boundaries for the actors and crew.

This looks like a fun tool to drop onto my table!

That's awesome!

Awesome! That will make a great tool even better.

Another great tool from Lazarus! Thank you!

Any chance of dropping jpgs or, better, pngs w/ transparent backgrounds that could be used on a VTT?

I love the simple write-ups of these powers. Great stuff!