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you're welcome ^^

Thank you ^^

welcome back, hope you are fine and your arm is getting better ^^

I'm working on it everyday for a month now, i have left my main job to be able to focus on it, the new update will allow you to create, import and edit the Images inside the app, it's a huge update and I'm so sorry for being late, thank you.

Like this one ?

I'm working on it, sorry for being too late -.-.

check this


to scale we use nine-patch rects, this pack has all the textures that you may need for game UI, you just need to edit them or to slice them to fit your game.

It's a permission issue on mac, have a look on this, you need to give the software a permission to run

have a look on autotiles, you should edit the parts to fit your game . 
for this front wall you need three main parts, left , middle where no outlines on the left or the right, and right wall, then you need to make the left/right front walls connectable to side walls, for side walls you need top part, middle where no outlines in top/bottom and the bottom wall, now you have made a wall tileset that can connect and extended in a rect shape, now you need corners and inner walls that will make you able to design different shapes for each room. 

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Actually i will be making auto-tiles too, you already can find the project Late Vision on github, the only issue is that i will be using grayscale images, you can use the other textures color-id.png as a layer and multiply it with the color.png then make your own colors, it will be hard to add auto-tiling since i will have to draw so many extra tiles but it's ok, just check the license for each file in the, you can use the edited version that i will make if you have purchased this asset, and please contact us if you want to use our own assets after you check the project license. thank you ^^

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Anyone who reads this comment, this game is Amazing, give it a try ^^

hey, i have seen your comment in the font page and came to give your game another try, i love it! at first i tried to play it on my own and i couldn't understand how to play, but later i knew how and it was amazing, this game is so fun to play! ^^

you're welcome ^^

thank you so much, i really appreciate it ^^

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i have found this as a reply for my same comment, i won't share the asset for sure and every piece will be modified, i will just add the modified sprites alongside the .aseprite file which the game needs at each stage and surely i will credit you, thanks.

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I am editing this asset to start implementing it inside an open-source game using Godot Engine, the problem is that the edited version will be publicly available on github, only the edited version of the sprites will be available in the project, i will credit you in the project page and will include the same license in each folder containing the sprites, no one will have access to the main full pack because i will not include the original art, sadly the license don't mention if we can use it in open-source projects or not, it will be great if you mentioned it if we can/can't use this asset in open-source projects, thank you!

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It's fine, I try to stay calm as much as I can to be able to understand what I see it hard, sometimes you need to think for hours to manage things that may stop you for days, now I'm a different person and I have who help me to understand what's hard, I ask for help sometimes in forums and they save me much time, your Ego may be your only enemy when you think you have learnt enough so you try to manage everything  by yourself until you give up, but for me I give up on everything now except mediation, praying, helping others, asking for help and studying, I feed my mind before my tummy, I care for knowledge and I ask for it. stay calm brother and be patient on yourself and me.
The day I will get better I will make videos and share the things that was hard for me and blocked my way to make it easier for others. they won't benefit me if I die keeping them for myself.

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thank you all, yes the comment was painful because I have been through so many changes in my life and also I'm learning everyday, I have family, life to live like a normal person and I'm working on the project to add [ pixel Editor and animation player ] when I have gone through this I realized that there's still so much to learn to be able to do it at least correctly, the code to draw ellipse can drive anyone crazy and am not that type who will copy and paste code without understanding it, Currently I'm learning C++ alongside with Godot to be able to learn programming correctly to improve my skills, I'm not sad and also you may think for a while [ don't I need money to keep going on this all ? at least to buy myself a better pc and graphics card ? to pay for bills and to hangout like normal persons ? ] surely I do and I'm not going to give up on my dreams, all I have done here is to pack you some sprites that you can have in your game but it's so limited, and all was done in one script so it was so hard to be extended, I'm starting it from the ground and I need to learn more to be proud of myself, thank you all, yes I'm late and I could just have added some more sprites and release the app and you will be happy with it ! but I'm not that type of persons, I want to make you able to [ import - edit - create animations and sprites inside the app - import palettes and to have an extension to the sprite files and also to have online updates ] to do all of that I have to manage how ! and to manage how I should learn more and more everyday, read and create more contents over time whenever the projects needs it ! It's not that easy to connect everything together with only knowledge of Godot 2d and control nodes, I need to learn advanced language like C++ to be able to improve my programming skills ! I'm building it from ground and currently I'm on the half of the way, please be patient the same way I'm patient on this to create an App that can be extended using a game engine, thank you :)

원하는만큼 무료로 사용할 수 있습니다. 상업 또는 개인 프로젝트에서 

thank you ^^

yes you can edit or create new images inside the app , there will be different pixel editors , one for characters and it's animations , another for tilesets and their animations , another one for UI elements and one to create bitmap fonts and each one will focus on it's own job like aseprite and pyxel edit , for the first release i will focus on the character creator and the pixel art editor because they need lot's of work specially on how it should work to create new characters with bigger size like 32x32 and create it's hair and other extras with materials that can be changed for the whole character like the first version , it's a hard job and i don't want to make spaghetti code to be able to update it or fix bugs easily and also a standard extension for saved files that can be shared or moved across the next versions. for example each character will be saved in one file [ character_1.char ] alongside it's layers[character parts] and materials which can be shared later with other users and will allow me to share new characters publicly as files that reads only inside the app.

already i have made lots of costume pieces and i'm adding a pixel art editor to the app, that's why i'm late and i'm sorry for that , i just want it to have the basic tools of a pixel art editor then i will implement it and publish the app for testing

just an update but the price will be higher for the new purchases , the developers who have already purchased it will always have the updates for free.

sorry for being late, i was having exams and was making some other projects while working on the new version, it could be easy to just update the sprites of the old version but i'm making a whole new app from scratch as an update and i will change it's name to pixel designer, you will be able to import and edit all your game assets includes , characters , robots, tilesets, and UI, also thinking about adding a music editor on the later updates and an internal image editor, i will publish the app for testing soon, i'm sorry again for being late.

it looks amazing <3
thanks for sharing

that's a nice idea, thank you i will add it ;)

I'm really sorry for being so late on the release, I was so busy learning Godot for the past few months, I will release it at the end of May because currently, we are working on a 3d strategy game , thank you.


extract the app in your Applications directory, then paste this in terminal "cd /Applications/" and press Enter , it should change your directory to /Applications/ , if true then paste this in terminal "chmod -R +x" this will change permission for the folder to Read/Write/Execute, then paste this "sudo spctl --master-disable" and try to double click the app again . if it doesn't work then paste this "chmod 755 /Applications/" and try to run the app again , it should work now and you should enable your master again by pasting this command "sudo spctl --master-enable" , please reply to this comment if the problem was solved , thank you :)

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it took some time to create it in Godot engine, and i was so lazy to recreate it because i didn't save the scene, but don't worry! I will fix that on the future updates by adding more of them running in all directions :D

currently i don't release apps on google play store because i didn't make serious games or apps yet

you can switch to platformer mode and they will disappear in preview and export

hello Igaz!
yes i already have designed and separated the beard, horns, hats and accessories from the styles and they will appear on another tab and i'm working on allowing the users to import bodies then add to it their different parts , also i'm adding tilesets and ui elements, and also will make a discord server on the next release , thank you so much for getting in touch.

no , because this app targets game development and it happens only on pc

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you can edit them to fit your project but you can't send/share them with anyone or resell them, also I did edit all the characters for the new version and the license will be the same for all the art in this version or the upcoming ones, I don't understand what you want to do with the app but if you want to create a character generator in your own game and you want to sell the game it's ok because in that case, you aren't sharing the assets with anyone but only you are using them in your project.