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rubber duck

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how'd you get it? lmao i still cant figure it out

screaminh and sobbing its so good

im so sad. this game is so good.

i had to make an account just to comment on this


for some background: for a while, i really liked this guy (for a year almost) and he did this thing where he'd flirt with somebody then move on like not too long after, now in this year, he'd keep leaving me and coming back to me, leaving and coming back, when he was away, my mood would plummet, id stop taking care of myself, ect. ect. now eventually, after six months, i confess to him and he says he likes me back, starts paying attention to me and stuff (we werent ever officially dating but still) i dont like him anymore, im in a happy relationship (my partner treats me way better than him, shes awesome) but basically, in the ending where youre addicted to them, that's pretty much how i felt in this thing i had with him, like i almost accidentally ghosted my life long best friend, i hated seeing people besides him, i started hating traveling, and pretty much what i liked and didnt like revolved around him and so this game made me realize that maybe i was addicted to him 😟