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Mother Queermess

A member registered Oct 28, 2018

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Are you folks doing alright? with everything going on in the world just want to be sure you looking after yourself's  and not stressing to much about the game which is BRILLIANT and i love my boys, just want to cuddle Asterion  all day and tell him no one can ever hurt him ever again.

the new loading icon made me lose my shit i couldn't breathe

Once again the art and writting has blown me away. Look foward to seeing what you come up with next

There still going. if in doubt check when the latest post on Pateron is to see how active they've been

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this stuff is far from easy to do, so keep doing the amazing job your doing. And well get sparks of joy when you burst out of the woodwork saying “i did a thing”

I am DYING with laughter on Damon's route. its so well written i might just cry

This game is a litteral emotional rollercoster.  im either laughing my ass off or crying my eyes out. Wonderfully written, amazing art. just AMAZING

2 words

holy shite