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Mother Kojiro

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I just finished the demo, and it's clear that developer has played StarTropics.  And good on 'em; StarTropics is a great game!  This seems a lot more polished, though, so I'm officially interested in the full version!

There is SO much charm here; I love the world that you've built, however small.  I'd love to see a full version of the game!

I'd never heard of Grant Haffner, but I love the style of his art, so thank you for introducing me to this!

Hello, there; I really enjoyed the demo!  I noticed that some of the music doesn't loop properly; there's a skip at the end of the track.  This is usually caused by a split second of empty space at the end.  If you'd like, I can gladly fix them up for you; I've done this with a few other projects before.

This is absolutely gorgeous; I've never seen an aesthetic quite like it before.  I'm pretty excited to see the final game!

Perfect!  This is the most beautiful game that I never knew I wanted!  I'm still pretty in love with that last boss theme. 💙

I absolutely love this!  The scenery is gorgeous - the shades of pink are PERFECT - the music is great, and the puzzles and combat are very engaging.  Action-Adventure exploration with RPG combat is a really neat combo!  The only minor gripe that I have is that some of the enemies are hard to read quickly enough to block in the right direction, like the undead.