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Mother Kojiro

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Oh, sorry, I didn't even realize that the game was finished!  In that case, I'll wishlist it right now!

I tried the demo on mGBA, and I like it so far; the main character is really cool, and I LOVE the beautiful world you've created.

I don't know if it's my emulator or what, but sometimes, the buttons seemed not to respond.  When I tried to pick up the Polar Edge the first time, it didn't work, but I managed to get it after coming back.  I also couldn't continue or end game from the game over screen; only the d-pad worked.

This looks good and has real potential; I'm looking forward to the full version, and I'll be following it!  My number 1 concern with any kind of action-oriented game is how the basic movement feels, and you nailed it; it feels really good!  The visuals are charming, and it seems like thsi will have a pretty big world to explore.

I do also have a little feedback.  I know this is in a pretty early in development, but I did find a bug: the ladder climbing is a bit slow, so I'd jump to climb a bit faster, but every now and again, if I jumped off the top of the ladder, I'd freeze in the air in the climbing animation; there wasn't anything I could do but restart.

First of all, thank you so much for putting out a demo; sometimes, you just have to feel the game to know if it's right for you.  And it feels great!  The mechanics are absolutely solid, and the melee combat is very satisfying.  The music is nice and chill, and the graphics are adorable.  Very colorful and detailed, too; these are the kinds of graphics the indie scene needs more of.  Really looking forward to the full game!

Thank you for sharing this; it was a neat experience with a unique visual style.  I can't comment on what it's like to be in a coma, but I have very vivid dreams; so vivid that I often wake up more exhausted than if I'd just stayed up all night.  In my dreams, I do often see geometry or at least colors that I've never seen in meatspace, so it's certainly possible.

Thank you for this lovely little brain adventure; I really enjoyed the visuals, especially the rocky tileset and the backgrounds!

I'm looking for some help with troubleshooting.  I received the Steam version of this a while back, and I haven't been able to get it to run at all.  I sent an e-mail to Love Shack, and they deferred me to Fellow Traveler, who didn't even respond.  Is there someone else I can contact to help get this product to function?

I just finished the demo, and it's clear that developer has played StarTropics.  And good on 'em; StarTropics is a great game!  This seems a lot more polished, though, so I'm officially interested in the full version!

There is SO much charm here; I love the world that you've built, however small.  I'd love to see a full version of the game!

I'd never heard of Grant Haffner, but I love the style of his art, so thank you for introducing me to this!

Hello, there; I really enjoyed the demo!  I noticed that some of the music doesn't loop properly; there's a skip at the end of the track.  This is usually caused by a split second of empty space at the end.  If you'd like, I can gladly fix them up for you; I've done this with a few other projects before.

Perfect!  This is the most beautiful game that I never knew I wanted!  I'm still pretty in love with that last boss theme. 💙

I absolutely love this!  The scenery is gorgeous - the shades of pink are PERFECT - the music is great, and the puzzles and combat are very engaging.  Action-Adventure exploration with RPG combat is a really neat combo!  The only minor gripe that I have is that some of the enemies are hard to read quickly enough to block in the right direction, like the undead.