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Controls are flawless, loved the dash mechanic and having to choose when to sacrifice a crop in order to escape. The AI was solid, although I only played up to level 10 or so as I have to run some errands, I toyed with them as best I could, did some fake-outs and ran to the end zone but I'm sure it gets far hairier than this! I've been looking forward to this one and had to play it ASAP. I'll try for a higher score later. Great work!

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So proud of you. Played it, loved it, tried multiple styles, full on attacks, parkour avoidance. Tested mechanics like deliberately bumping into jackolanterns to see what happens, great balance decision to allow them to be killed by touch while ensuring they still take 1 health away. The first time I saw one of the ghosts become a bat after death, I was delighted. Fought the baddie and lost, not sure if he's beatable yet judging by the comments but it was still fun. I decided to jump into him at the end and see what happens. Got rekt. Good job!