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Ah, this is so so so good. You can truly tell when someone has a cohesive vision in their mind, and the result is something so complete and polished (even as a demo!). Gorgeous art, gorgeous prose, gorgeous dialogue - and the variants were a delight to get through. Variant 2b may be my favourite one, but they all engrossed me. I would absolutely be interested in a completed version, so I am looking forward to more, and will be trying your backlog of games as well! 

Glad to hear this has been a good month for you :)

I'd 100% be up for a Part I for Chapter 3 for purely selfish reasons, but it's also a great idea if you think getting feedback would be useful!

I've loved all the bits and pieces for 1 year of LtGBtK. Especially love Matthias' facial expression in sketch 8:41 – II :D It makes me laugh haha

I love Melike's sprite!! I especially love her eyebrows, and her eyes.

As for what to do for LtGBtK's anniversary, everything you mentioned sounds fantastic. I'd love a couple of short stories, but really anything would be a treat!

Hope you have a wonderful August to make up for your bleaky July :)

Thanks for the update! The preview of the next chapter makes me even MORE excited to read it, and I'm so curious to find out who the new [redacted] sprite is!

Thanks for the update! I love this game so much. Everything feels so coherently and wonderfully put together; you have such a perfect and clear vision of the game and it's a delight to play it (I actually replayed it yesterday!). The Ruler is my favourite archetype and I can't wait to see how it's influenced Mathias – that part about how he might even have a different body language has made me so excited to see it in action!

My intention was 100% to play KP and James’ route in PAIRS next, but then I got totally sidetracked — in the best way possible — by this game. I love reading fairytaleseque stories, and this game delivers both in terms of the art (so gorgeous! Gran was my favorite, I think, but it's hard to say because everything was so beautiful and so *cohesively* beautiful) and the writing (which is both atmospheric but not at all tiring to read, and that’s not an easy balance to find).

Most of all, I love love LOVE the trope of the “common” practical girl who interacts with a mythological/fantastical figure who is objectively more powerful than her. I love the entirety of the Prince’s design and esp the lines “It reminds me of the wolf’s shuffling snort, but without the vibrant, living emotion behind it. It is unholy. Repulsive. Subconsciously, I recoil like a dead thing has fallen from his mouth instead.” This is some FANTASTIC writing.I keep rereading it and being wowed every time.

I really liked their dialogue. I want to read it again later, but it really strikes me how, and I don’t think I’m going to word this properly but, how they aren't afraid of being honest with each other – there’s no one else around them, and there’s no specific protocol to follow, so when they talk, it’s without pretences.

My favorite ending…HM. I kind of loved each of them for different reasons XD. Instinctively, my heart says Ending 2 because I love bittersweet endings, but I also have a soft spot for Ending 3 because it was the one I got first.  

I played this a while back and have replayed it a couple of times but never left a review and it's time I rectify that! I've actually only read Carmelita and Ricardo's routes (Ricardo's once, but Carmelita's maybe three or four times) because they're both SO good and so I want to leave myself something (i.e. KP and James's routes) that I know is going to be excellent for a rainy day.

Anyway: I LOVE Carmelita and Ricardo's story. I think it tackles an interesting part of a relationship that no other stories really do, and it's super realistic, and I felt very seen. The romance is *chef's kiss* and I adored Carmelita. Really, she's perfect. Also, I've played games that are more high stakes in terms of life v death, but the choices I made here actually made me sweat because I did NOT need them to break up. And thankfully they didn't :)

I think the supernatural/superhero elements worked really well, not only in terms of just adding another interesting element of the plot, but because figuring out priorities re work + relationships and how to compromise and when to not – those are all things that matter in "normal" life, but had we had just a "normal" setting then I don't think it would have been as interesting to read about. I think this really drove home for me how fantasy settings can really help describe ordinary things, if that makes sense. Tl;dr I just really loved the plot and you are insanely creative to have thought of it, so *bows down*.

Can't wait to eventually read more of your stuff. I'm just going through it SUPER slowly to savour it fully and completely. 

I love this! I immediately went for Alasdair but really all three of the guys were super interesting. The premise and plot immediately hooked me and the dialogue options are perfect (a lot made me laugh). I can't wait for more :)

I think about this game a lot, and have been thinking a lot about it recently, so it was a really joy to read this devlog. Thanks for keeping us updated, and thanks for writing an extra story – what a delightful surprise! I can't wait to read it, as well as Chapter 3 :)

First of all – thanks for posting questions because they make writing a review a lot easier. This chapter was fantastic; totally worth the wait, and even better than the first IMO (which is not to say the first chapter was bad. This chapter was just that good). I especially appreciated all the several variations, even if they were just a handful of lines, based on my choices. I know that takes a certain amount of work and I really appreciate it.

+ The new sprites! Did you like them?

Yes! Especially liked seeing the Queen :) Her sprite was just how I imagined her! 

+ Mandra and Curio. >8)

I liked Mandra a lot! Complex relationships are the best.

+ The new colored Illustration + the B&W CGs

Loved both! My favorite colored illustration is the one where the guard is holding the king's face back.

+ What was your favorite and least favorite part?

Least favorite: Nothing. Genuinely.

Favorite: I don't really know how to call each route, but the first one I played was with a really resentful and angry guard who ended up asking the king to stay. I was pretty sure nothing could top that for me but then I played the route where the king and guard have a more sexually tense relationship (I don't know how else to put it) and where the chapter ends by the king saying the guard should try harder or else the king'll get bored of the game. That's just – it's a sort of dynamic I love but never really see written and it's so wild to read a story and get exactly what I want from it. 

+ The animations A_A' I'm so nervous about them. Still not sure if they fit the game or not.

They worked for me!

I played part 3 as soon as it came out, but wanted to leave myself some time to think of something more eloquent to write than "This game was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Unfortunately, when you like something so much it's hard to exactly describe how much. So my very basic and heartfelt review is – I loved this game, I loved every.single.character, I loved the mini games (the 1st game in part 3 took me a while to get, and I had fun figuring it out), and the CGs were a pure delight.

Thanks for sharing this game with us :)

I'm SO excited for the 30th!! :D

I'm SO excited for the update, and these sneak peaks have piqued my interest even more. 

Re Jay, I agree that sometimes you have to let things go (because then it's a never-ending cycle...). That said, it's super cool and impressive to see how your art style has changed and improved in just 6 months. 

Thanks for the update! I'm really looking forward to Chapter 2 :)

What's your favorite character?

The MC! I love how, no matter what choice we choose, they can always have such a strong voice.

Did you try the different options, or did you follow only one path?

I tried the nicer path first because I thought the meaner/ruder options would just be hurtful but I was actually really pleasantly surprised by the interactions I found – yes, they were rougher but they were also super interesting (e.g. "You're mine) which made the more antagonist path my favourite, actually.

What do you think of the black and white aesthetic?

Love it.

Would you like to see more colored CGs, like the one at the end of chapter one?

Occasionally, as a nice contrast to the B&W aesthetic. 

Ugh, these are already amazing as they are (I esp love Jay's hands positions) and I can't wait to see them in their final form!!

That helped a lot, thank you! Managed to play the game and it was even better than what I was expecting. I especially love the fact that we have several different pages in our journal, especially the one listing all the rumours we hear. I'm looking forward to the update!

This sounds so exciting and I love what I've seen of it from the screenshots! :) 

Unfortunately, the game doesn't seem to be loading (for me, at least) as it says that there is an "error: no valid storage adapters found". 

I voted for Wren and I am feeling very pleased looking at these alt sprites. He looks fantastic polished up!

As always, every single one of the characters you draw are so incredibly charismatic. I'm desperate to know each and every one of their stories. 

Amazing update!! I obviously love both Jay and Wren, although part 1 left me preferring Jay... Now it's the complete opposite bc Wren KILLED me in that flashback. Also I love how he used a game to relay information to Robin. Even years later, they're still on the same wavelength. Re Jay, 1) like Robin, I did not expect him to be younger but that's actually hilarious and 2) them dancing together was perfect. 

I love every single one of your sprites, especially (echoing another comment) the one of the girl in the middle! I love her dress.

FYI – I don't know if you just haven't proofread yet, but I believe there's a typo in the second screenshot when Fletcher says "Of course your right" ('your' -> 'you're).

I'm looking forward to next Wednesday and the end of next week :)

Very excited for part two! I love (baby) Robin's top left sprite: she looks like she could take me on without breaking a sweat. And I respect that. 

Dark fantasy??? I am here for it. And thanks for keeping us updated! 

Also – stumbled upon your twitter and I fell in love with Corbin. No idea what her story is but every single drawing of her is literally just...chef's kiss.

A really wonderful game! The cliffhanger is very cruel though :P

I also love the fact that we can choose our clothes and that certain 'messages', so to speak, can be sent through what we choose to wear. However, it didn't seem that any of the characters commented on what we wore (such as the MC wearing a dress to indicate she's mildly protesting about having to have a meal with Captain Sinclair). Would that be a possible feature to add in, if that isn't too demanding? Unless it's already present and I was just too oblivious to notice it?