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This is great! I really enjoyed it

Would it be possible to get a Linux version of this game? It looks quite cool!

This game seems cool! I can play it through wine but it isn't the same as having a native linux version. Is there a possibility for one?

This game has so much potential! I'd love to see an expanded version, I'd definitely buy it!

I love this game! Here's my cloud city that I made!

Awesome game! Does the train move at all or was that removed?

same problem, but what i did is i knew that it was just the setup settings screen so i put my mouse in the bottom middle of the screen and moved it up until the screen flashed and i heard a sound. that should be the done button. press that and you're ok

Any chance of a linux port?

A lot of fun!

Seems to work fine using wine for m

This is a great game! I've been playing it for a few months now. It's really well though out

I definitly will try :)

Solid start!

A few notes from another game dev:

  • Over the top use of shiny lighting effects
  • Awkward jump/dash ui
  • Enemies a bit too fast for your first encounter
  • Explosion effect needs a bit more 'punch'
  • Doors should open a bit slower
  • Got stuck in an enless fall loop in the lava tower
  • Don't know if there's a way to get more ammo

Don't mean to be cynical - i really enjoyed the game just giving you some advice :)

wow the ending though

yeah, the 5th level kinda broke last second and i couldn't find the bug, the mid-air enemies you are referencing were most likely the jumping slimes, anyways, thanks for checking out my game :)

great game! quick note, if you start and go left there are zero enemies, the enemy spawn seems to only work if you go right and also after a while there are no more platforms underneath your,maybe make them auto generated as well