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Stuck at wine task? Anyone?

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Fun mechanic! Overall a great game.

This guy editing skill is awesome

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Thanks :D , Tools looks super interesting but I still don't have time to try it yet.  Will be purchasing this weekend.

Just discovered this game and i gotta leave this comment to the developer that they did such an awesome job.

I honestly never finish Hyper Light Drifter because the earlier in game is just plain bored. Didnt even think this will be different from it. I just came here for arts. And i think i will never finish this game too for sure.

Turns out it's became an hour of enjoyment. Every Boss fight is unique and challenging. The mechanic of 3 weapons are really well done. I broke a little sweat at some point in game too.

Very good jobs dev. I really love this piece of work even i'm 1 year late.

As title, thinking of buying one :)

I did it haha. But nevermind, i'm totally okay with that i think.

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Any idea of why there are  no your tools from toolbar, even i have it installed??

Edit: Yea they are not really appear in toolbar dont know if its only me. But i can access it from script menu. Anyway Thanks a lot!