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Wasn’t expecting this to be that scary 😂 

Really enjoyed playing this game and Shoutout to the people who made it!! Can't wait for the next game!! Keep it up!

 I enjoy this Survival game! Keep up the Great work and can't wait to gets fully released!

Really enjoyed playing this game. 10/10

Really enjoyed this game, I wish there was more to this game. I really enjoyed the small jump=scared. Really wanted more to the game but it a 9/10 game. Really recommended playing this game if you like short experience. 

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I really enjoy this game, I loved to Narrator!!

Please MAKE more GAMES likes this.

Check the video out <3 

luv u guys!!

Note: When u make your NEXT game make sure to add more Funny Part and  make it a continued story about the Narrator Running away and Jimmy Looking for him and end up with a LOT of HAT'S trying to get capture Jimmy while we try to hide.

Really Enjoyed this demo, Can't wait for the full released of this game!

The only thing i whish i saw in the demo was a jump-scared. There was time time was Maki would come from behind and scare you really make the game scarier and i recommend adding sound effect to the game for example were she hitting the window and when she walking but in all it a 10/10 game. 

I really enjoyed the game and the mystery but  I give it a 9/10 because it lack jump-scares there was only a few of them and that was in the sewer and vent. But overall I enjoyed the music👏👏 u guys did a great job👏👏

i Let the video speak for itself.

This game was good I like the unique style of it, I felt like it needed more burning cars in the beginning because the game just felt planed and simple. But I really enjoyed the questions and the characters.

 it’s to simple you need to add different enemies and different objectives. But it’s good game

Really enjoyed this game, which there was a way you can take damage from bullet to make it more difficult. But great game

This game is short and simple and i love it

Really enjoyed the game!! 

Really enjoyed this game but i wished there was more to this game.

Come check out my video :) 

And munch love for to the creators for making this game!!!


 i which there was more endings like you finding a secret door or instead of shooting the gun at the end, You get eaten by the pigs and end up somewhere more deadly and scarier.And add different creatures so you won't get bored doing the same thing over again. But overall its a good game and i enjoyed playing it.