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Hey, I don't know when this game was first created (don't follow the indie/game jam circle honestly) but I wanted to throw a proverbial coin into the hat. What drew me in was the GIF of the creature ("Eve"? Dr. Frankenstein's was to be named Adam as I recall, if Victor hadn't freaked the hell out) mournfully inspecting herself in that puddle in those gorgeous colours and I'm really glad she drew me in with that melancholy stare...  I loved every second of guiding her around the basement-workshop towards her escape. I wish there was so much more of it honestly no matter how cruel or unfortunate her existence turned out to be in the end, something about the patchwork woman makes my heart ache and I wanted to spend dozens of hours with her to be the parent figure her creator refused to be (and let's not think about his initial plans for her). That aside, and understanding the constraints of the Ludum Dare thing, I was just floored by the quality you worked into such a small file size! It honestly reminded me of early 90s Lucasarts adventures but a lot less frustrating, which is good because I was never an adventure gamer to start with! Seriously, I was blown away. If you ever get the urge to come back to A Heart Between Parts I would urge you to please, *please* do so... and find yourself a publisher 'cos I would certainly part with good hard currency for more of the same. :)