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I remember when me and my dad had this same talk

Spoiler alert: the days ended

I made a new friend and I love him. Nothing you can say will year us apart.

Are you sure that's mold?

best game on dx3? yes.

how very doom!

I've played this a few times in the last 2 years and it never gets old

i enjoyed all endings, especially the one that surprised me the most.

An absolute experience. So much so that I couldn't ruin it with overarching commentary.

The "non working" mirror is something we still joke about on my channel lol. It was just too funny.

no, thank you! a great experience and i look forward to more :)

have you got anything new you're working on?

dude this game is so wild. i've been a fan of your stuff for a whle. "sometimes dealing with" was gifted to me on steam and it's what made me start digging into your catalog. you got anything new you're working on?

it was such ridiculous fun. you got anything you're working on currently?

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I made babby! 

fun little romp through the woods 

such a fantastic game 

so good. so very good. plus goose!

this was very spooky. i loved it. 

just the right amount of strange in my toilet 


how i wish there was more 

more more more!!! 

i got shrek't

i'm so glad this got a full game release 

they just keep getting better 

hes so cheerful 

where was tim allen? 

holy crap this was great 

this may be the best game ever

i was robbed 

this was such a fantastic meal game 

freakin awesome

i aint playin with emily no mo 

what a bunch of weirdos.


i loved his walls 

not walter white. 

i did a terrible job 

very spooky