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Well, dark fairy tale is right...

What a delightful game, I loved it! The art is great, the story is even better, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. It's been a while since I've gotten so invested. Great work!

Here's my little take. No facecam or commentary. I did it in small bite-size bith to make the tension last...

I love the art! It's so cute and warm and lovely. makes me feel all fuzzy inside. And while this was short game I really liked the characters. :)

What a great game. I liked the art, that's what got my interest in the first place. So unique and...creepy. I think the art really fits the theme.

Here's my little take on this game. No facecam or commentary and I broke my playthrough into parts and here's the first part:

What a heavy read. Not that it's a bad thing though. The art was lovely and the music very fitting....quite an experience, well done! :)

Here's my little no-commentary-no-facecam version (I thought about doing the whole thing in one sitting but I had to break it apart because heavy themes are heavy...):

This one was lovely! Loved the art, the music...and the story.

As per usual my playthrough offers nothing more than the game itself and only one ending. :)

Here is the first part, the rest will be coming in due time:

I will be back for more....

Short but fun game, thank you for making it. I won't be trusting any bunnies ever again though.

I'm happy to report I saw absolutely no snakes in the hotel!

Amazing how terrifying it can be to just stand around and wait for a bus.

Thank you for the great game! I found it really fun.

I won't be mopping for you ever again though.

Haha, I doubt the views and downloads went up because of me, I'm not some big youtube star after all. But  I'm glad more people checked out your game because I very much enjoyed it!

I always include only one ending in my playthroughs of games with multiple endings, it's like my little token of gratitude for developers. You know, leaving whoever sees my version a bit hungry and wondering "Well what else is there? What else could have happened?" so they might go download the game too to discover the things left unseen. :)

I did enjoy this game quite a bit so I will be back for more... ;)

This was a great game! I made a two-part video of it (no commentary or anything though). I included just one of the endings in an attempt to get more people to play the game because it was really good! :)

Here is the first part of my version, the second part will be coming very soon:

Now I'm off everything else this game is hiding...

What a cute game! The characters were adorable. I was smiling the whole time and had a lot of fun.

What a charming game! The art looked so nice and the story was captivating. I had a lot of fun playing it, I recorded one path and will play it on my own more to find alternative ways. Thank you so much for making it. :)

I loved it! The music was really good and the characters were enjoyable. The art looked nice and the story was interesting. Overall everything worked really well together.

Here is my take, split into 3 parts as I tried to go through it nice and slow (no commentary, no facecam):

I loved it! Thank you so much for the game.

The art looks great, the music is nice and the voice actors are amazing!

I made a little 3-part series of this and tried my best to do it well. My videos don't have commentary or facecam or anything but... I did my best to go through all the acts with focus.

Part 1. Parts 2 & 3 will be released in a few days!

What a beautiful game! The art looks really good. The music was also really nice.

The story was touching and got all the feels out of me. So tragic...sad... a lot of emotions all around.

My video has no commentary or anything, I'm just there to turn the page so to speak.

Great experience, thank you for making this game.

Really fun game. The art is cute and the music is really nice, I liked it a lot. :)

I liked the story (will play more on my own, the video shows just one route). The art is really nice to look at and the music felt fitting.

Very nice work!

I loved it. The controls were smooth and I have nothing to complain about, the game is a lot of fun. The best part without a doubt is the voice acting though, so funny!

My YouTube version doesn't have commentary or facecam or anything but I went through the story nice and slow and what a wonderful experience! I played Flourish some time ago so expectations were high and Fishy did not disappoint! Lovely art style, relatable story and the music was so good. Thank you for making this game for all of us to enjoy.
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What a nice game! It goes to show that a game doesn't have to be hours long to be good. I liked the art and Maia sure nailed that creepy expression when the time came.  

I loved it! It made me feel sad and creeped out. And it was delightful! Loved the voice acting and the atmoshphere.

No commentary but here is my version:

I had a lot of fun with this. Liked the art and the story was cool! Very enjoyable game.

Here I thought a game about the life of a house plant would be boring. I have been proven wrong.  Thank you for proving me wrong.

Just played through it and I had so much fun! Everything looks so adorable and yet creepy. I just hoped it had been a bit longer. :D