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BGM soothing and yet staccato notes raising expectations of progression make it like a fun gameshow segment - the initial 91% achievement on the sphere gave me false hope & undue cause for confidence on my attempt of the house which garnered a mere 66%, despite my (I thought) quite good chimney.   Oh dear!  Once more - with feeling?  -  So good!  Truly a Bubblicious concept in organic sculpture.

I feel that your comment on deep exploration has been sculpted & aired just the right amount to qualify for a wordplay award. :D

Love the BGM!  This sub hates my weak skill at jumping out of water over spikes.  COME ON, that was super hard to get enough launch speed! :)   Very enjoyable to play.

This deserves points for very inventive use of the keywords, points for anti-Nazi, points for the b-spline heading/directional control indicator, points for crazy mix of 3D nazi models in a 2D world with cartoon shaders, points for the realisation that I had to refill my poop meter with the berries in the bushes & that I couldn't damage the nazis but rather just coat the confederate statue - Questionable points for the "YOU DIED the conferacey will live on" text - is that a purposeful pun or a typo? And bonus commiseration points for having to leave early, not a bad effort all things considered

Very happy with accessibility in WebGL player - perfect for a casual game concept. Well done for the short timeframe, Loved the sound effects, simplistic but very effective - definite feeling of 'submerged' - the simple mechanic of movement to collect & evade, then stop to shoot is excellent, requires some skill to be pointing in the right direction :)   Those castle scultures & snails sure take a pounding from the air bubbles before they pop into more bubbles!  Hard stuff but fun :)

Right on the mark of the 3 keywords - great modelling work for such a short timeframe, very nice visual effects & shaders for the air bubbles & water light refraction mapped to ocean floor.  The above water surface work was not too shabby either (although I did get stuck on a rock without momentum to get off again - poor mermaid!)  I liked the inclusion of the timer/countdown required to get each of the items in sequence - I regret my mouse up/down mapping naturally works on an inverted Y axis to the expected motion.  Fantastic BGM, so soothing.