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Love it, great for tying overworld and levels together. Needed some additional details to match game lore, feel free to download them here.

Hi JamSnack, thanks for playing and providing feedback. You are right, the cool down is of no use anymore, I will remove it with the next update. About the research view, I will  fully rework this once more cards are available, so stay tuned :)

Hi NoOptions, I am sorry you had this experience. The map generation is still pretty basic and will get more attention. Hope you still had some joy in playing the game.

Hi Weeman, thanks for the bug report. This should be fixed with version 0.1.1.

Hi bogusbishop, thanks for reporting this bug. The newest version (0.1.1) contains a fix for the issue.

Hi Shadow, I totally agree. Rebalancing is part of my roadmap. I can sign you up for an early test.

Hi Nikolay, thanks for checking Draft City. I added versions for Windows and Mac for you to download.

Hi Captain, thanks for the nice feedback! The new version contains 6 additional cards for you to try.