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I also don't have the game anymore. I mean, it's Ok, I still got many nice games, but I do feel it's a bit unusual to do this.

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What did the do that's so awesome? I can't play the game, but I got it in the bundle for palestanian aid... lol

Let me know if it ever works in MV... cheers.

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Does this jank also work in MV by any chance?

There's no buy or download button...

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Thank you! Any chance you could make it compatible with YEP Menu Core plugin?

I also require a tutorial video.

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I use many plugins with plugin commands in my MV project, so I'm not sure what you mean... but if plugin commands for your plugin don't work in MV, does that mean I will be using script calls in paralel events?

Hmmm... above some pictures you have written ''MZ only'', so I assumed there are some functions for MZ only... if not, I'll most probably be buying your product soon.

Are there some limitations when using in MV? Or is the MV and MZ functionality the same?

Thank you!!!

Pixel Fx Designer community · Created a new topic Hi!

I see you make awesome programs and I am wonderring if I would be able to use any for my game. I'm using RPG Maker MV for my game engine, but I am still quite new...

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You are awesome! It really means a lot to me! You see, I'm making an educational game, so books are a must by default, lol. I know some players won't be reading many pages, but I think some that will be interested in the topic will value this addition in the game. That is why I could really use your help - you are God sent. Is it ok with you if we continue this chat by emai? My mail:

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Oh my God!!! It works!!! You are so awesome!!! And fast to respond!!! Thank you!!!

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How do I fix this? It happens every time I start the game and the intro video starts on my fullscreen game...

It seems that it happens because the video turns off the mouse and the plugin reports an error.

This happens also if I turn all my plugins OFF and just mimosa is ON. I tried making a workaround by using ''disable_cursor'' before the video starts, but the error is there anyway.

Nevermind, I've figured it out! Awesome!!! Thank you so much for this plugin! It really enhances my game!

Thanx for the info.

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Hi! First of all, I bought the Plus Version and am really happy with it. Anyone wondering if it works in MV - IT DOES!!!

But I have 2 questions for the plugin dev.

1. May I edit and use one of the cursors in your Cursor Pack for my commercial game?

2. Is it possible to have more than three custom mouse cursors? I would really appreciate the option of having a few more, for example when the player enters the final BOSS battle or a specific map. Is that pssible to do this? Perhaps by somehow editing the code of the plugin?

I am not much of a programmer, but I'm thinking it shouldn't be hard to add the option of having a few more custom cursors for special situations in the game - for special effect and to emerse the players in specific situations?

Does this plugin work also in MV?

Sorry for the somewhat late response, but ... Waaaaw... This might be one of those ''law of attraction'' type of things. I am somewhat new to RPG Maker MV and I'm making a commercial educational game. I am just now searching for a way to implement a book event, so that the player can read books in my game, and I am so unhappy because I can't seem to find any sollution that would allow me to make two 30 page books without too much work and headache.

Does your book event allow making a larger book than just a few pages or do you know how one culd make it? Sot that I can just eneter the name of the first filenam+number and last filename+number, for example -> book01-book30?

Is there any chance I culd copy your event for my game? I'm even willing to give a small donation in gratitude if you send me the code, graphic I allready have.

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Thank you! I bought it and will try to make it work in my game.

I would buy Mimosa_MouseCursorPlus Version for my RPG MAker MV game, but I'm not sure I'd know how to set up the mimick ButtonPicture functionality animation... is it hard?

Cool! Is it possible to change the sound of the opening door, if I want to use my own? And is it possible to use the effect only sometimes and not for every door on every map. I have maps that might benefit from such a 'horror' effect, but I also have maps of villages where there are no horror elements wanted...

Sorry to bother, but I use YEP_MessageCore and Galv Message Styles... is this plugin compatible with both and what exactly does it do? Can't tell from your description and screenshot.

I am making a horror game, so I'm allways on the lookout for such effects, but I don't think I'll buy this. I mean it's nice, but those are some very thin doors... too bad the plugin effect doesn't make them look wider or 'fatter'. I hope you understand what I mean. lol

If you ever find a way to make the doors look wider, I'd definitely be a happy new customer.

p.s.: doeas it support also bigger doors, like in the FSM DLC? I think they are just double hight...

Thank you!!!

Can you make the game possible to be claimed and added to our game libraries?

Any chance of getting a Steam key?