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Hey! Thanks for the concern. Unfortunately, I can't export this game to mobile due to it being made in RPG Maker VX Ace. However, there is an app on the Google Play Store called "Neko RPGXP Player", which despite the name, I believe can play games from several different versions of RPG Maker. If you're absolutely starving for a Pandemony! experience on the go, that'd be your best bet.

I'm making a game right now using your assets. I love the style so much.

If you're taking suggestions, would it be possible for me to request that you make some top-down monsters? That'd be super, cool and helpful, and I'd buy them right away :)

Thanks for releasing this one for free! ... And take a look at this cool pumpkin boy I made using your sprites as a base :D

This was great, but i'm biased because I love frogs.

Honestly, I had a lot of fun.

Wooo! It's finally here!

This is great. The pathways branch much more than I thought, and getting the slayer ending was incredibly satisfying.
Good job! It's great to have another look into your mousey world!

This is absolutely brilliant. One of the best asset packs out there, and extremely versatile.

The characters have so much personality, and so do all the monsters. Honestly, this'll fit right in to my next project!

Money well spent, I think. Thanks for all your hard work.

Here's your ticket!

Pandemony!, my free open world retro RPG is finished, and now is the official debut.

Experience the main quest, crawl through dungeons, soak in the atmosphere of the cities and explore the tropical "paradise" of Sasori Isle.

Made in RPG Maker VX Ace, Pandemony! seeks to capture the feeling of old NES and Master Sytem RPGs by throwing you in the deep end and giving you absolute freedom over all your choices.

There are three guilds and two temples, the pillars of life on Sasori. Meanwhile, a Dark Elf seeks to awaken an ancient Demon Lord, sealed since a time long forgotten. That sounds like a job for a foreign hero: You!.. Unless you can't be bothered and would rather be an adventurer in your own right. After all, that's the core of the game!

You're the best, man

Good job! (づ ◕‿◕ )づ

This is the best asset pack I've ever used (My game made using it is here if you care. Full release coming soon) and I mean that with no exaggeration.

It's easy on the eyes, includes UI, tiles, icons and TONS of sprites. This rivals assets I've payed money for, both in ease of use and in how expansive it is. I've been working with these assets for six months now and there are still things I haven't implemented or seen.

The characters have tons of personality. Even the random villagers. There are sprites for every character and class you could possibly think of. Seriously. If you want to make a retro RPG, do not pass this one over.

Sweet! I liked that a lot. It was super short, but incredibly atmospheric.

This game is so sweet! I NEED the full game


This is the best thing I've seen on nay - the best game I've seen in a long while.
The writing was excellent and immersive. The art? Just *chef's kiss*

Thanks for the kind words! The beta version has been out for a few days, and I'm working in some general bug fixes as well as a new worldspace for the post-game, and a short story to go along with it.

The beta has the entire main quest and all of the guild quests, though some of them need tweaking for the final version. I estimate the final game will be revealed in 2-3 months at most!

The dimorphism between classes, more complexly evented quests, cute writing, Dragon Quest style battle screens. Y'know!

I love this so much! You've done everything I wish I'd done in my game

I bought this on impulse this morning and I do not regret it. Keep this up! One of the best Indie games I've played.