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Nice game! Interesting time-loop mechanics! Really enjoyed :)

Nice little game! Good gamedesign!

Nice little game! I enjoyed!

Controls is not obvious. Some tutorial would be nice.

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yep, its weird, but attack on A button

down+space - to jump down

s - to throw a spear (when you get one)

d - use glove

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thanks for reply!

my screenshot from fullscreen mode, so i cant make it bigger xD

if i resize window to smaller size - it doesnt solve the problem ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

well, game is good but layout is broke sometimes and window has no scroll so UI elements became unavailable ('lobby' in this example).

It would be great if you fix this.


Awesome expirience!

For some reason the mouse doesnt work on one of my Win10 machine. But works fine on another.

I don't know how I can help (what logs to send), so I just keep you informed

Nice game! Challenging and fun =)

Now its 833 =)

Nice game!

Simple but very attractive, challenging and addictive! 

394 is my best =)

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Great art! Very stylish! And renpy has been stylishly redesigned for this task. Very cool!

Interesting and challenging concept!

I've beat the maze in 8:24

Waiting for updates!