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when you sleep with him you would choose that you bottomed for him if you want him to top

Did you buy the blind fold item from the seller? Sometimes you buy the item and then the next time you see them/sleep with them it triggers.

I'm not sure but for the blindfold the scene might be triggered when your in the intimacy room and you put it for the first time.

oh my gosh the baby

I just wanted to say how excited I am for a empress historically driven game. It looks beautiful so far!

Happy to hear from ya'll and the design is beautiful!

during the sexy time you have to still tease him until he takes control for dom and for him to top just select that u want to bottom when the chibi options pop up. after 6 or 7 times they change positions based on what they repeatedly did

I was a little worried about the voices because we always imagine characters differently to others but the selection is so great. They really match the image I have of them!

did it happen during sexy time nip with hikaru?

That happened to me and I'm going to email them and see if they have any idea what it might be.

When  you start a new game the cheats from completed routes become available for you to choose from


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I had the same problem just recently. I think I finally got it by talking to the fans in the class building because he next day I got the last scene. Let me know if it works

The bananas were so well characterized! There was a variety of personalities I kinda wish they were actual people. Regardless it was fun!


Great! You can check your progress with the guy, fudanshi?, in the park who was introduced in the beginning.

Me too! Theres cute monsters and it could be cool if they wanted to put them as love interests in a new game 

Ive been following your updates and am so excited for the progress of the game!

Have you been visiting them during the week? You have scenes for the various days of the week with specific scenes to fill up the stars. Even after you fill it there's another heart and more scenes.


anyone know how to get hikaru's last outfit in the bottom right? I thought it was the Christmas one but I didnt have it and couldnt buy it from the bear even after the christmas event.

Oh,  thanks for letting me know and yes I definitely look forward to meeting everyone else!

Game: The backgrounds are lovely and I appreciate having a back button for the dialogue. The inter activeness of the collecting herbs game was fun. At first I thought it would be easy but was excited to discover that they actually move! One suggestion I have is to be able to delete your saves instead of just of just overriding them. I like to go back and organize my save files and this would make it easier.

Characters:  The uncle seems serious but overall nice and hardworking. He also had a valid point in testing the mc. So far I liked Sorin and am interested Dilian. I feel protective of Sorin and hope we get so development on him getting out of his shell. As for Dilian he seems mischievous but like the flirtiness and I feel that he's not actually bad just judged as useless by some of the village people for not having any official responsibilities. Eoin is just not my type because he seems mean to me but I know others might like it. Do you have in mind who will be seme? It would be cool if it was the mc.

Overall lovely game and I look forward to the end result!

Maybe you didnt get the ones in other places or the day? Usually it has events for the days of the week and I noticed it wouldnt go to the next 'week series' until you collect them all from the week your on. 

I hope they do a side story where we can get married because I got married in their other game and it surprised me how emotional and fulfilling it actually felt. I think I just liked the characters so much that it warmed my heart to see their after stories with who we had chosen.

You talk to the guy at the park who collects info. I forgot his name but he was introduced in the intro.

That happened to me too! I wonder why

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This game was nice. I appreciate that when you top the mc still checks with their partner if they are willing to go through with it because consent is important. It was a little confusing to distinguish mc's thoughts from their words so it would be nice if they were different in a way. You could always put paranthesis around the thoughts.

I also think that it was a great idea to do images instead of sprites because it made the change in expressions look more real time of real.

I recommend giving this a try! While you might think its basic in the beginning the focus of the game is not the numbers or jokes in the beginning but the dialogue with all the animals. TO get the full experience talk to the cat last.

Hahaha relateable. Luci always smiles like they know more than us

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I really enjoyed When the Night comes and tried this game because of the similar fantasy and relationship elements. As of chapter 3 I'm really enjoying the story and really like all the love interests. The main character for both  stories has been so relateable in their responses that align with what I wish I could respond to the story in other books. Theyre so fun.  The art work is also lovely and the good descriptions bring the story to life. Looking forward to the rest of the chapters and any other productions! Thank you for including a variety of relationship types for different audiences and the amazing charcters <3

Im looking forward to it! I really appreciate that your doing both top/bottom

Happy to hear from you and hope that everyone is taking care of themselves. Looking forward to the game <3

Bug: The text boxes sometimes cover their faces when I go do the weekly events. I think it may be something with my computer but I wasnt sure since it only happened after it told me it needed a new program to process the images?

After you get a happy ending with someone you can skip through parts or go to a save before the event so you dont have to do that.

I did the demo and look forward to the release of the game, especially meeting Nathaniel. Im curious to see their adventures and how our decisions impact the story line. The only thing that bothers me is that for some reason it hurts my eyes and feels like theirs a grey film over everything. I think it may  be due to the brush strokes being softer but Im not sure.

I dont think so because they mentioned on May 4th that they were facing some problems but were still doing it on kickstarter...

I think you have to save the scenes for them to be saved in the cg section...

They have useful guides that document that you just look for the game name and guide.

Yes. If you have a full heart by the time you complete the weekly scenes and you get the chance to confess they will do it if you choose to stay quite and wait for them. Otherwise if you get to that scene and the heart is not full you will have to fill it first. They recommend waiting for Tocchan to confess too.