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Wow that looks good ! It felt like a fever dream seeing all those elements mixed in one story haha !

Love the concept, especially for a two-day game.

After a bit of polishing and post-process it would look really cool !

Hey thanks !

Probably because I didn't spend time on rescaling the game content so I fixed the game window size :)

You should push the concept if you haven't done so already :)

Haha thanks !

Thanks for your comment !

I agree with that, I should look into it

Thanks !

There are no waves however, but I should really implement them ;)

Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed the project ^^

Damn you went far ! Congrats :D

Thank you for the kind words !

Fun little game!

The hints are quite cryptic, and there are a lot of people to remember, but that adds to the difficulty of the game.

Thanks ! 

I'll try to polish it a bit more to make it easier to control ^^

Only 25 rounds survived, my hands are so sweaty !

Really nice and clean game, love the artstyle <3

Love the different gameplay ideas, it combines really well, especially for a game made in such a short time.

Great job !

The idea is cool but the colors are counter intuitive. Picking Red Green Blue is a good idea, but I think (in my case) that I associate these colors more to Fire Plant Water. Here the strengths and weaknesses are inverted.

Good job !

Nice mini-game idea !

The different difficulties and customization is a nice touch, I'd love to this the game a bit more visually enhanced !

Nice game !

I like the mix of different visual elements, it makes for a cool environment.

I had some difficulties to read the obstacles, knowing if they were destructible or not.

This is a really really cool concept, and I think I'll play it again later ! :)

I would've like to have a tutorial or even just card comparison in a menu to understand how to play (rather than finding out it was all in the description of the page since the beginning haha).

Nice concept ! I'd love to see it developed a bit more. 

The map is big but quite empty, only one enemy that I could find (I think ?) 

Also talking to the first dude displayed a glitched text box (:

Thank you ! 

I'll have to do some score saving then, it'll be more rewarding :D

Thank you !

That's understandable, playing the game while making it feels different since I've gotten used to it, thanks for the feedback I'll since how I can change it :)

Thanks ! 

I see what you mean, I'll see what I can do to change that then ;)

Good looking and the idea is really fun ! It lacks feedback and maybe instructions on how to absorb ghosts (I had a hard time doing so). Otherwise it's cool !

I saw what you are saying, but only after the third or fourth one, the displaying was a bit too discreet ;)

By the way, good memes at the end haha !

Good to know ! I hope you'll find great ideas for this :)

Thanks a lot ! Glad you enjoyed :)

Haha wow ! Thanks !

I was not expecting to have such a joyful comment :D

Your remarks are noted, I will see if I can make another version of the game later, corrected with all the remarks ;)

Thank you !

I see what you mean, it would make more sense for the game to have a real difficulty curve :)

Interesting mechanics, but this would make much more sense if you were against a particular adversary, hence it would be cool to be against a viking or just a person !

Nice personification overall

But the timing is a bit hard and I still don't know what to do with the rock

Nice concept ! I'd love to see it more developed in the future

I love the visuals ! And honestly the rock bird capacity made me laugh out loud, really well thought ;)

As the others said, the collisions are a bit buggy. I managed to bug the changing state of the bird by changing bird while Déjà Vuing against a wall, it was weird but fun :)

Really well thought combinaisons between the three element!

The gameplay is a bit slow however and it's tedious to die since the slowness of the movement means having to do it all again will take a loooong time. Also, maybe a key to press would be easier than having to click on the left mouse button.

Good job !

Really fun to play, I'd love to have a multiplayer mode !

The AI is a bit too precise I think, always nicely locking on you without a miss. Also, the delay between shots is a bit long !

The game is visually nice and the level is cool ! The weapon change slowdown might be a tad too long.

I love the shuriken throw feeling, maybe there's something to explore with this :)

(oh, and you're crazy for making a tutorial like this haha !)

Simple but good looking game, good job !

It's nice to be able to change the mouse sensitivity. Having to click to attack is a bit repetitive considering the current state of gameplay of the game. 

Charming little story... but 122Mb to install ? Oof, big oof even !

I loved it, the narration was short but fun. I would have liked to know what I was picking up with the floating orbs. Overall it was fun, especially with the funny lines.

Simple and nice concept of Rock Paper & Sci- Rock, Sail and Axe (:

The visuals are nice, the gameplay is weird however, if you choose only one option (rock for example) you'll never win, only tie or lose.

I find the concept pretty cool, but the difficulty with the first boss is hard ! I managed to one shot the last boss for some reason also.

I really like the controls, I'd like to see more of the game ;)