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the FLASH Player,silly.

aww man, that's a shame. 

thanks for the reply! guess i gotta go for hot bull dude. 

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please tell me Valamir will be fuckable he's too cute for his own good 

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How to play this game: Go to 

And download the second file. 

Download the game file and drag and drop it to the Player

Have fun!

this game is sooo good holy crap! keep on the good work,i wish i could help you out somehow,you got this!

oh my god,I didn't think you would really reply :o Good luck on Zags,cheering for you

this is extremely cute

Yearning: A Gay Story community · Created a new topic YAGS

Hello! I really liked your game! It's one of my favorite visual novel of 2019. Anyways,i'm very excited for the sequel,and wanted to know how the progress is going. Also,will it have more...naughty stuff...? if you know what i mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)