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Not bad. Has a bit a clunky UI traversal problem in that you have to constantly swing your mouse back and forth between the very top of the screen and the very bottom, but the concept is quite interesting and well executed for the time constraints.

Just so you’re aware, the game stacks sounds when it loses focus and plays them all at once in a brief but loud cacophony when it regains focus!

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I know about the “leveling up spawns something one tier early” stuff… but it still doesn’t explain how incredibly frequent that is in enemy groups, or how often you run into things like a perfect combo like cammel/kangaroo, not just one or two turns early but buffed up a bit as well; you would think the odds of something that would be fairly low, but if the groups you face in the game are any indicator then either players are able to pull it off reliably at multiple stages of game, or the game isn’t actually pulling other people’s groups and is generating them locally.

In either case, it doesn’t explain how many times I’ve run into turn 1 groups with setups that look like they required more than 3 purchases to build, before that’s even an option.

I think the game is always putting you against groups that are one turn ahead of your team. Might be intended, but it’s especially frustrating in the early game when it puts you against multiple +1/+1 enemies on turn one, or +1/+1 units one tier higher than you are even able to purchase.