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What a goofy little game. Despite it being buggy, it's great fun to play. The audio is on point; I really appreciate the accessibility feature of shifting the pitch of the bonk depending on if you land a hit. 

It became pretty difficult to find the children amongst the debris of the environment, so it would have been good to have a clearer visual indicator on where they are, and how “grown” they are. 

Also, big fan of the ragdoll.

Really great job!

Super cute, I'm emotionally attached to the flea in a way I can’t describe. The movement feels super nice and I'm keen to see where you take this!

Lovely work! :)

Beautiful little game. I adore the concept and appreciate the lovely way you tutorialized the first few levels.

Would have been nice to get some kind of visual indicator that an obstacle was coming. In a game that's goal is to feel smooth and seamless, it's jarring to not be able to anticipate them.

I commend you both for helping run the jam, AND making a solid game at the same time.

Heckn’ cute :)

What a solid game. I love the scrappy hand drawn art, it fits the vibe amazingly. The gameplay is wildly fun, the audio is phenomenal, and the tutorial is really well executed. 
I'd love to see this as a fully released game. 

Really well done, especially for a solo submission.

What a lovely little game. The level design and puzzles are excellent. The gameplay is super interesting and sick as hell. It's an incredibly polished game for the brief time you were allowed.

Nicely done!

Awesome vibes. FNAF horror mixed with FBI-chan? Very goofy, big fan. 

I love what you did with the art, especially how you amplified the difference between the real (macro) vs the virtual (micro). 

Really well done! :)

This is a sick game and has a lot of potential. 

The art is minimal and charming, and I love the 3 colors you picked and how you worked them. It's a shame the ship's internal gameplay mechanic wasn't completed on time.

Overall, awesome job!

I adore the clever use of Italy's flag as the 3 color constraint.
You've created a lovely, goofy little game and I wish there was a horde of people to endlessly fight.

Super nitpicky thing here, but when creating and implementing pixel art, ensure the size of each pixel is consistent in game. Each element appears to have its own scale.

Solid job! :D