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This is terrifying


I blame my complete lack of inspiration.

Kind of ashamed, I usually come up with nifty ideas.

Now, I'm terrible at it, but this is a great game.


Kind of a file hell (all of thos SVG could have been put in a folder...) but a really solid game once you find the exe.

Pretty good game. The controls are not that bad.

The game crashes when I try to load the first level...

It would be nice if button changed colour when they are connected, but other than that, great job!

Doesn't explain why it kills you. Also, it's "exsanguination".

I think you are supposed to spend half an hour filling the "investigation" all the way to 100% without getting caught by your boss. When he gets here you have to be working.

I walked in lava and died. Fair.

I tried to mine stone and died. Uhh

Windows Defender tells me this contains a virus.

You son of a...

This is crazy. I love it.

Thanks! We would have added more, but creating interresting and unique levels takes time... And, well, this is precisely the thing you don't have much of in a game jam ;)

Maybe we'll keep working on it in the future and add some levels.

Original, challenging, and looks nice enough. I like that little character. Now it just needs a name. ;)

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You can see your buckets in the top-left.

And you can exist blue tiles from the sides, as with all other tiles.

This is amazing.

Challenging?! That's litterally 2nd grade stuff.

It could use some polish, but it's not half bad.

One of the best. I really liked it.

E1M1 in beatbox, gotta love this.

Oh my Gods, I love the mechanics of this game.

It was a bit confusing to use Z to skip the text instead of Enter of Space, but you gotta love a game that allows you to go ORA ORA ORA ORA

The executable is missing a bunch of DLLs, but the LOVE file works fine. You have to install Löve, though.

Ah yeah, we kinda forgot to introduce the collectible buckets...

Yes there is, in the top-right corner. You can also press R.

Me too, but we lacked time.

2100 points.
Then I gave up. ;)

"I couldn't be bothered to add sounds, so please make your own noises while playing" XD

Ah, yes. Z like Red, X like Yellow, and C like blue.

Apart from this odd choice of keys, this is pretty good. I like the concept a lot.

Why not send only this folder then?

Such a fantastic music. Here here we were, my pal and I, foolishly looking for copyright-free music while we could have done the same as you...

I made $346 :D

You seem to have uploaded the project files instead of the game itself.

Gods did I laugh. Thanks!

Gods I hate horror games.

... But I have to admit, it's pretty good.