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More Teeth, Please

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Thank you so much! It means a lot to hear that from you! I had a lot of fun coming up with the Archetypes and designing the document.

This is so fun! I had no idea you could hack bitsy this much. Really cool work!

Also, I made a devilish little guy.

This is really evocative, which is so cool to do with such a minimalist approach. I like how the final room truly is a museum gallery of those COVID thoughts and feelings.

Aw this is adorable! I love the converted works of art and looking at them up close. The commentary is so sweet; it reminds me of my first trip to a museum, one that sparked a lifelong love of history. Just goes to show how well you captured that vibe!

Love the worldbuilding here! I also liked how choosing a room influences the story.

I love the exhibit designs. Also, honk!

This is great! I’m a sucker for detective games like this. I didn’t fully solve the mystery on my own, so the denouement was extra fun for me! :P

I really enjoyed this! Love the colours and the vibe, and I liked reading about each (honestly pretty good) idea. There’s something poetic about turning these abandoned ideas into something new.

So cute! Love being able to directly interact with the exhibits!

Very fun, and the rooms are so visually stunning!

Aw, this was both sweet and sad! The sprites are great, really gives you a unique feel for each player, and I liked reading what they had to say.

This was really nice to go through! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

Thank you for the thoughtful comment and for sharing your fears here. Loss is terrifying. It’s so easy to get so caught up in mourning the future that it becomes much harder to appreciate the present, thus losing even more time. It’s ironic and it’s a hard cycle to break.

As you can probably tell by this story, I’m the opposite; what worries me is how quickly I’ve learned to move on from grief, but that also puts me in a similar cycle of my own. I don’t have any words of wisdom or solutions, but I do know that loving and being loved is a beautiful sort of pain, and at the end of the day, one single memory goes a long, long way.


Thank you, I appreciate that!

I feel this so heavily. Love the writing and the graphics in this. The subtle distortion/flickering of the screen is a great touch.

I enjoyed this! I like the writing, very stream-of-consciousness and believable, whether Butterscotch was saying something funny or sad.

This was fun! I love the little characters, especially skeleton beth.

Oh this is lovely. You really captured that feeling of longing.

What a wonderful, beautiful eulogy. I’m sure Zoë greatly treasured your friendship and I am glad that I now know her name. From one person with low empathy to another, thank you for sharing.

This is beautiful and sad. I like the slowly changing colour palettes as you go lower or higher.

This was fun! I was really happy that I got to feed all the animals on the way back.

It’s really cool how you illustrated the shrinking, almost like a comic book!

This is really interesting! I don’t garden and had never heard of greywater before this. Cool stuff!

This was a lot of fun! I love the avatar of the funky lil painter and all the references to art pieces.

This is cute and sad. I found both endings and am glad I got to help the crow in the end.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful letter! It’s the little things we often remember most. I love your use of colour, too.

I like the last line of this, and I feel you on supposedly grand games with little actual substance. Also, I like that the game window here is so small. It feels apt!

Thank you! Yes, you make a great point. The passion tax is a huge problem, especially in creative industries, but everywhere else as well. It’s a really harmful mindset.

Thank you so much! Yes, it’s sad to think about how different things could be, though it’s also empowering to realize how much sway we could have over potential change.

Thank you! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying it, I’m blown away by how much you’ve played it!

I don’t have a guide right now, but I might write one sometime this week for anyone who may need it. For now, to answer your questions:


Yes, two endings marked as 4 was intentional!

Ending 6 is a bit hard to get because you have to actively avoid getting any other ending. You have to:

  1. Always invite Assistant 17.6 to drink coffee with you
  2. Always choose one particular type of question when drinking with her. Either always ask about her, always ask about the job/corp, or always drink in silence. (The option you choose to always do will give you slight variations of the ending, but it will be the same ending!)
  3. Make at least one mistake with the cases but not enough to get terminated.
  4. Don’t always choose to euthanise subjects.
  5. Take Congruere.
  6. Choose to sleep in your cubicle OR go to the viewing room during the Rest Cycle.

That should do it! Let me know if it still doesn’t work. Thanks so much again for playing!

Also, in case you want to spoiler things in comments, here’s a link that explains how!

I love taking my daily great descent into the depressing pits of capitalism! Thanks, love :P

The art in this is amazing. The whole aesthetic of this zine is so gorgeous. I liked reading about this other universe!

This really is apt, yeah.

This game is so pretty - I love the colour palette! I, too, tend to look for thrown-out things to decorate my house with and never thought I’d see that as a game concept. Nicely done!

Great game, great style! Super fun, and I love the characters.

This is beautiful and sad and lovely, just wonderfully written. I love the use of the computer screen!

This is a cool asset! I like the inspiration behind it.

This is cool!