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I got a little problem with the game. For some reason, after remapping the controls with my gamepad, I can't either shoot nor use any melee stuff, it just doesn't work with any button. I know the game has been getting some updates lately and hopefully this can be fixed too. 

this game reminds me of rhythm tengoku and that makes it even better :)

thank you so much! i noticed that the game doesn't run as smooth when i spend a couple of minutes in the dungeon do you know why that keeps happening? it's so annoying lol

the game starts on portrait mode and when I change it to landscape it gets stuck in one of the corners of my screen.  i've heard that this version might be actually playable with a gamepad (already tried the other ones and none of them works) and it would be cool if this problem gets fixed :)

I would love to get an android port at some point this seems like the perfect mobile game

the app is not on the play store for some reason :/

is it possible to add controller support? the game is way too hard with touch controls lol

got this game with racial justice bundle and wanted to play this on my phone but there's no apk and I can't afford the game on the play store