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More Mountains

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Eventually what you see in it is entirely up to you, and I'd rather not force a view on anyone or reveal what the game really is about, but maybe it's not about you, and maybe it's not about winning or "being both" either.

Hi everyone! For some reason I never got any notification for all of these comments, and sort of forgot about it and never came back to check. It's extremely humbling to see that so many people played it and enjoyed it. Thank you all so, so much! I'll be back soon with some new games!

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Fucking brilliant.

Yes, it's a one man team.

Videos like yours are the reason I still do game jams. Thank you so much for playing the game and sharing this!

Yeah any input at the end will restart. I wanted to do that differently but didn't have the time. It's only 48 hours :(

Thanks! I'll do that.