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Had fun making little emoji's

Yes, that dialog that I opened - I had to manually move its Y position further away once I closed it. It was actually still hanging out over part of my screen (invisible), covering part of the button.

Hey, first I want to say I love the plugin. But I'm running into an issue with button behavior. 

First, the full 9-patch button is clickable. But once I open a dialog over it, and close it, that same button becomes only clickable in certain areas of the 9-patch. It results in having to press the button a couple times to get it to work which feels very janky. This is only on android export.

Any idea Aekiro?

Thanks! I'm nearly completed with the chicken coop now as well. I haven't had much time lately to work on this, but eventually I'll have a fully working farm :) 

Thank you for the art to make it possible :-) Hopefully we can work together in the future!

Ill post it to my page now - keep in mind you can only "farm" the top left 9 squares of the field right now (whole field will work once I'm done testing the system). I've also made it so carrots grow in 1 day (for testing)

Hey! That's awesome. Yes you shouldn't include a line so that devs can add in-engine depending on how they want to setup their fishing system.

I've already started on this asset pack and have a working farming system, if you want to check it out sometime :) 

What is the recommended tile size for the windows/curtains? I'm getting some weird cross over between the tiles when using 16x16 px

Looking forward to it :-)

Awesome!! I love your style! I'm planning to make a farming sim with your cozy packs. Do you think you could add two animations: Cast fishing pole and using a hoe? That would be superb :-)

Awesome job!!

Looking forward to it! It's a very lovely art style!

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the art is nice but the tilemap is very confusing to use

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I didn't realize there are no usable assets in this pack.... Why even sell it?

Hello, is there any way to split the sprites to have separate sprites for head and body?


Awesome! Your monster styles match my game exactly! Keep up the great work