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Hi, i own this here on, any chance i could also get it on steam? thanks

just wanted to let everyone know it all worked out great, your steam key can be found in the download page.

Question to CoaguCo Industries do you still not have a set release date? thanks!

i sent an email to that adress. thanks for looking into it. some developers would just ignore me.


thanks for looking into it! i "Claimed 187 days ago" if that matters or anything.. so i had it for a while.

hey, i havent recieved a steam key either, are you saying that you added steam keys for us to redeem? because they should usually show up here, like this other game i have: (steam key is shown below) but on your game it just looks like this:

sorry to be asking again but is august 15th still on for steam release? when do we get our steam keys?


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love it! i know that its free on steam, but is there any chance i could get the game as a steam cdkey? so i can gift it to a friend? its works a little better than saying "hey, go download this game"

lol apparantly i alreadly own this fake game, now i have two copies of a game that doesnt exist.

thanks for the reply! its not the end of the world, we will just have to wait until august 15h.

what happend to the release? june 30th 2016 has gone and gone