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Oh awesome! Thank you.

Don't know if you would be willing to help, but games like yours have inspired me to make my own but as far as images, I don't know where to start.

If you don't mind me asking, what program do you use to make your images for Ren'Py?

There's honestly some really good elements to this game. But the faults are there and sometimes really front and center. There was a large rendering issue where textures either wouldn't load or an object wouldn't spawn, then there was the voice acting. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, but good critical feedback can go a long way.

Let me tell you the good though. The atmosphere was set just right, and the ending really saved it. I'm hooked, I'm interested and that's an amazing thing to do. Even with its faults, I'm still listening. Good work. 

Another awesome chapter! I can't wait for more!

This is getting soooo good. I can't wait for more!


I really enjoyed the Demo. The graphics were rather impressive for an indie game, nothing really felt out of place. The atmosphere was really spooky and the cliffhanger made me really want more. I can't wait for the full release!

I really need to say this, KEEP GOING! I thought this was done fantastically. I loved every bit of my playthrough. I love the way the game looks, the scares were great and I was interested to see where you went with the story. I thought the story was a bit too similar to the story of Human but I still liked it none the less. I really hope you continue because of how well done this was.

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Loved the game! The art style is perfection! Can't wait for part 2!

I really like this game and I can't wait to see more from the developers.