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Love how cute these three buds is :D and i like that there's some exploration (?) aspects to this than just a puzzle!
I actually got stuck in the 2nd elevator bc i went in the back of it so Bru was just blinking there, while the elevator keeps going up and down nonstop w

After restarting, i tried to explore every corner for hidden things and i'm glad i did and getting the letters afterwards :D though i feel attacked at the last letter mentioning if i forgot the passcode because i actually got stuck for a good 15 minutes on the last one 馃槀

Ramblings aside, another good game, m'dude! loving the chill wholesome vibes in this one and artstyle is totes adorbs!

and congrats again for completing your internship!

I thought you might post more works here so making an account is no biggie for the amount of work you've been putting :D
Keep on creatin' bucko 馃憤

Very nice work, buddy! :D the starry nights sure can evoke a one kind of sentimentality-!
I'm rather emotional lately but i certainly think that i got the atmosphere of this pianist must've felt, you've captured it with the dialogues so props!
Keep up doing wonderful work!