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No I'm still on 2.2!

Hey sorry, as I checked my code now I realized my solution wasn't exactly correct and now I don't know what fixed it.  It seems the code I posted doesn't exactly have to be called from every instance. It might be best to await Vadim's response.

Never mind! After some fiddling around without much understanding of how anything works, I seem to have got it working. 
Just for anyone who comes across the same problem with no clue as to what they should do, here's what I did:

Since I was already using GMLive (which if you don't already, this will be another reason you should), all I needed to do was to paste the following code in the creation event of the object I wanted the custom variables / creation code to be applied to.

room_pack_eval_script = live_execute_string;

Hi, I noticed that a simple unpacking of a room doesn't load custom variables / creation code for the instances set in the room editor.

I read up on the cheat sheet and got as far as finding the "room_pack_eval_script", but couldn't understand what exactly I should do with it to enable loading custom variables for instances. Could you please explain what exactly I need to do?

Ah thanks for the explanation, but I'm still having some problem getting it to work.

I tried using relative paths with the terminal open in the project directory, with something like this:

neko datafiles/GMRoomPack/GMRoomPack.n rooms/roompackLevel00/roompackLevel00.yy scripts/roomUnpack_level00/roomUnpack_level00.gml —watch

but it's giving me this error:

Error occurred: [file_open,/user/dev/GameMakerStudio2/game_project/rooms/roompackLevel00]

Tried the same thing using absolute paths but it gave me the same error. From what I can tell, I don't have the file open on GMS2. 

Would you have any idea what might be causing this?

I was able to do the same thing by going through the command line questions. 

Hi. Sorry to be asking for help again, 

I've been making use out of this extension a lot and it has become a central part of development for my current project. Thank you again for making it!

As I'm using this very often in development now, I wondered if there was any way to skip going through the command line questions every time I wanted a series of rooms packed. I'm not very familiar with the whole command line stuff but from what I can understand of the documentation, you're supposed to be able to skip answering the questions by putting in the input / output paths (and optional flags) after "GMRoomPack ", right?

I'm using this on Mac so the series of commands starts with "neko GMRoomPack ", so I'm trying something like this:

neko GMRoomPack rooms/rpInterval00_00/rpInterval00_00.yy scripts/roompack_test/roompack_test.gml

but no matter what I put in I get the following error:

Error occurred: std@sys_file_typ
Called from sys.FileSystem::kind line 59
Called from RoomPacker::procOnce line 133
Called from RoomPacker::procOnceSafe line 202

Am I missing something here?

Never mind, I have further figured out that these JSONs basically have ds_maps and ds_lists nested inside and I just have to dig through them to find a specific value. Now that this is solved this extension is super useful to me! Thank you so much for making it!

Ahh I see, thanks for the explanation! I'm new to the whole JSON stuff so I don't fully understand it yet but I think I managed to figure out how to get the room width thanks to your explanation - I would just like your input on if the following is a decent enough way to go about it?

var json = scrPackedRoom00()
packedRoomWidth = ds_map_find_value(ds_map_find_value(json,"roomSettings"),"Width")

Hi, I feel like I must be missing something here but I can't figure out how to get the width / length of a specific "packed" room. I need the room size info to offset them accordingly with their size. Is there a way?