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the ending with the room that only has a mouth requires you to feed it two different things! First with nothing and then something that isn’t a drugged cake, I had to do the two of them for it to finally click and got me the ending :)

I hope this helps

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amazing game! made through half the endings before needing a guide and i love it sm! the artstyle, the atmosphere, and the characters! loved the co-worker sm!

only problem i have is with ending 14, i dont know how to activate it? i ran the game through again and nothing??? really happened? im confused if there is something i need to click for? i achieved all the endings for it but im just confused.

edit: i got the ending! although im still confused, this time, by the ending!!!! still fun game tho

im so glad i found this game!! love the character designs as well as the background arts and the music as well, and the writing too!! so many things making sense in the end and clicking as i go. im so confused as to how i never found this before but im so happy i did

the demo was really amazing, hooked me from the start and left me wanting more in the end, i cant wait to play this when its completely out. thank you for making an amazing game! :D 

i really love the art style, the music, voice actors, and it looks so good and i cant wait for the final product!

great game!

ah yes it was a fun game and ill show it to my friends as well, i was curious and felt stupid for not knowing how to, glad to know that am not and its ok! i rlly had fun and the story is amazing so thank you for replying.

just downloaded it! but i cant make it full screen?