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This is so hot! It was an instant favorite. I only wish there were more varied animations to keep things interesting.

I love this so much, I keep coming back to it. I almost wish it was a physical card game.

Might have found a minor bug though - when you choose scry and can't do any of the options, you get stuck and have to close out of the game completely.

This is really fun, and it's a neat concept! However, it has a couple minor issues. I know they probably won't get fixed at this point, and that's fine. The issues are the unnecessary exit game button that's easy to accidentally press, and that there isn't an easy way to tell if a person has already been paired up (their name could have been greyed out, for instance), but clicking on them unpairs them, so it's easy to screw up what you were working on. Anyway, I've been playing my way through everything Team Infernus has made and I'm becoming a big fan.

I had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to play each microgame, and I've been able to figure out all of them except for Tickle. It's just really colorful and cheerful, and the diversity makes me happy.