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This game was really unique! It was quite short though, and I wish the endings were a bit different from each other. All in all, I liked this game and I hope to see more from you!

I couldn't get very far because nobody showed up, and I couldn't place wood anywhere to craft anything! This game appears to have potential but you aren't able to use it.

This game was really good! You have a really nice art style and the characters can be very funny at times. I only wished there was an ending, but it seems you're already working on it!

Hey! I'm an experienced tetris player. This is a funny game and you did a pretty good job! My only complaint is that you didn't implement any types of spins except tspin doubles. I suggest looking at the hard drop wiki for more on what I'm talking about! I tried doing j and l spins, t-spin triples, I-spins, z and s spins, all of which didn't work. SRS is a beast  and I totally understand if you can't implement them for whatever reason.

It was a good game though, and I'd like to see more in the future!