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Did not find how to control the second guy, and what's the point of staying by a steering wheel.

That's nice. Not sure if there are multiple endings, played only once. 9 candies from first 3 flats and 0 from the rest.

It was a bit confusing in the beginning that after clicking a button you have to click it again for game to proceed, not just anywhere or some "continue" button.

In ordinary browser (not in itch client) it actually works fine. A short one. :) Thanks for the game.

Actually, all HTML games I tried to start with itch client didn't start. So that's something wrong with my setup. not with the game.

Nice graphics! But I didn't find what to do. Probably because text and controls were too tiny for 3000x2000 resolution. 

Doesn't start for me. Have a white window with webgl logo in the left bottom corner and Failure in the right one.

Not much gameplay, but drawing is really amazing!