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Thanks for the heads up on your new game Nick! Funny and a ton of fun! Did a video.

Cool game! A bunch of fun!

I figured I would play this game drunk to see if I played any better. Yep, I did!

There is a monster inside me! Waiting to come out... Oh the horror! My little playthrough. I hate reading!

Very cool game! You guys should consider making this a full game! Very interesting concept. Here is my messed up play through.

Sorry for the delay in responding. Been real busy lately. Thanks for sharing my video on Twitter! Many thanks.

Wow, just wow! Hard game! You need more than 3 minutes! Good god.

Butchered me some Shakespeare! Weird game bro!

Not a game really but funny just the same! Did a play through.

You folks are very talented. Awesome game and graphics. I did have a major glitch while playing. It is at the end of my video. Thanks for allowing me to record a video. Really fun game!

Is it allowed to make a gameplay video for YouTube?