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Thanks! :D I sure miss those flash game days! ;-;

Yeah I need to make the reset better lol. Thanks for playing! :) Will polish it up in the next update!

I will try to put some kind of animation to show when the coffee is being taken!

Neither button A nor B make it show up? If a coworker is near it, they'll grab it, but if you place it a few tiles away they will walk towards it.

Thanks so much!! :D It means a lot to me! <3

I know! I have let like a dozen kids play my PlayDate and they were all great, but one adult borked it up. :'(

Awesome! I saw a video on this from the DropRate channel, and thought "That looks fun, and it looks like an old BASIC game!". I've been downloading archived computer magazines and coding in games with a BBC Basic emulator lately so this definitely is interesting to me. :)

And excited that you made it open source as well! :D

Thanks so much!! I hope you will also enjoy the next couple I'm going to release probably within the next week. :)

Thanks for the comment!! <3

Aww thanks so much! And thanks for letting me know you made this!!

Oh yeah, I'll add it to my issue log!

And nice, my best TP time is 15, so you beat me! :)

Thanks! :)

Hey there! I went and updated the pdxinfo file and added what appears to be required. Could you do me a favor and redownload the pack and see if sideloading one of the demos works? Thanks a ton!

Ok I'll try to find out! I don't have my PlayDate yet cuz I'm in group 2 but I'll try to figure out what needs to be done.

Let me know if you have a request for what kind of demo you'd like to see!

Thanks so much! 😁


Aww thanks!

I love Humongous Games so much!! ❤️😁🐠🐟🦊🚗

Video quick look!

This is so cool! It reminds me of an early 90s educational game aesthetic (like Millie's Math House or Troggle Trouble Math) and I'm excited to unlock more as I'm getting into the game loop. Also a good game to play during boring Zoom meetings. ;)

Thanks! :)

My gender is Phaf.

I have not though recently I've been learning emacs + spacemacs and I'm really enjoying it.


Here's my buddy "Ferd"

Example zombie!

So relateable.

Saluton! Kian rakonton tiu ludas havas?


The snail could not identify which of my cats are the best. So does that mean both cats are best?

Thanks <3

I really like it! I'm stuck, though. I got both the parents to the roof, and I tried to shut off the fedora guy's servers and all his computers, but I'm not sure what to do next (I figured it would be to try to get everyone on the roof). 

I love this comic so much! I love the style and the dialogue (and sound effects) and it's so creative. :D

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New to RenPy? It's pretty easy to get started! Post resources that you find here!

Official RenPy getting started guide:

Rachel - I'm planning on remaking a game I made when I was 12, Attack of the Mutant Lawnmowers.

What are you planning on working on? Give us a rough sketch of your idea!

If you need some ideas for tropes related to classic monster/horror films...

Voila: !