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Maybe it's weird to write a follow-up message so long after the original, but I wanted to ask something and since my comment was the latest one, I thought it'd be weird if I just made a new one

So anyway, when I played the original, when playing Charlotte's route I immediately picked up on som ~vibes~. Basically, I'm autistic, and I really, really felt able to relate to Charlotte on certain things, such as her having interests that could be percieved as childish, having trouble understanding that everyone doesn't always mean what they say, being kinda gullible and also learning in a different way. And in the way that she wants to be part of and contribute to conversations in some way, but her contributions can often be seen by others as only tangentially related to the topic, and she might not be able to read a room well to recognize what is and isn't deemed appropriate to say or ask. That moment where she comments on the blancmange and Francesca and Albertine look at her weirdly before continuing as though she never said anything is something I'm very familiar with happening when I try to contribute to conversations.

So, my question was, did you write Charlotte with the intention of making her neurodivergent? :)

I purposefully haven't replayed The Rose of Segunda since January of last year just because I wanted to wait to replay it once The Thorns of War came out, but seeing TRoS has that update with the LI POVs, I feel reaaally tempted to!
I'm not 100% sure yet but given that I have basically no impulse control once I get excited about something, I probably will end up replaying them all soon haha
I'm really looking forward to getting TToW once the full game releases! And remember to please take breaks now and then if you feel like you need it :)

I just needed to link this song, because I think it's a perfect fit with what the demo has showed me of Liev so far. Also, I really love the game so far! I really like that you're taking a more realistic approach to the yandere trope, seeing what it would actually be like to exist alongside someone with the issues and conditions that would bring about a yandere. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, and though I've personally never been quite as dependent on one person (an FP, or Favorite Person) as some others with BPD have (video games and general otaku stuff have always filled that spot for me haha,) I've always been able to relate to the jealousy and unconditional love and devoted loyalty sides of the yandere trope, so seeing someone treat a yandere character as an actual person with issues who could get better if they could get actual help from someone who'd be honest with them, care about them but still have expectations for them to try to be a better person is really refreshing, rather than just slapping 'crazy' onto them and calling it a day.

I see... thanks for the reply anyhow! :D

Question for a new player: is there any way to turn off the voice acting but not the sound effects or background music? I've always felt more comfortable when I can just read the dialogue aloud in my head, and I don't want to fully turn off the music or sound effects unless there's no other option

I think I might have encountered a bug?

So basically, I was playing chapter 6 for the first time on a 100% Vexx-focused file, where I did not show the slightest hint of romantic interest in any other charcter (at least, I think? Unless hugging and comforting June on Cursa counted? I just didn't want to stand there- that seemed kinda like an asshole thing to do) but I got scenes with June and Damon (characters whose routes I have read on separate files) which were acting like MC did flirt with them. The MC I'm playing on this particular route is a bit of a people-pleaser and tries to be nice and understanding toward everyone, but I never clicked on any options labeled 'flirt' for any character except for Vexx, so I still think it's kinda strange...

I'm thinking it might be a bug confusing the files with each other? Anyway, I wanted to report this, just in case

I've absolutely loved this game ever since I found it around 2 years ago! Reksa's route has always been my favorite, and I really like learning a bit more about Indonesian culture, since I knew basically nothing about it before I found this game. Currently playing through it again :)

But there's just one thing that's kinda been bugging me ever since I started playing...
Sorry, I get that this is a nitpick and it's probably gonna sound really rude, but...why does Rama's in-game portrait look so different from the other characters'? I guess I could say it looks a bit less...polished(?) than the other character art, even compared to side characters like Purba or Silva. I love his route, but I guess it just always bugged me a bit. He looks normal on the starting screen, but in-game, it feels like someone flattened him, dipped him in water and he just dried kinda weird??? I'm sorry, I know art is really hard, but I've just been thinking about how he kinda reminds me of a prune ever since I first saw his in-game portrait and I just needed to finally get it out of my system

I see; thanks for the response! :) <3

Just a question: sometime earlier this year I think I remember hearing that the Baxter and Derek routes would be optional DLC, so I was just wondering if anyone has any news on that? Sorry if I remember incorrectly or I've missed something :)

M a s t e r p i e c e. Sequel when?

I am 100% going to buy the game + all DLC one day when I have the money, after the release. I really, really love the DEMO so far. And I just need to say that I admire you very much! This seems like a very ambitious project, and you have somehow actually kept working on it and not burnt out. I don't have any money right now, so I can't become a patron, but I hope it's encouraging to know that I'm cheering you on! I hope things get better for you, stay safe and take time off if you ever need it.

This game was nice! I'd say 6/10. I'm more into absurdly long visual novel romance games that talk about philosophy, and in general, the kinda stuff art snobs and hipsters like, so this wan't my cup of tea, per say. Though, I still greatly respect the work you put into this!

Also, I know you must be sick and tired of getting these questions by now...but, what happened with Queen's Crown? I'm not mad at you for not being able to finish it, it seemed like a massive project that would take a team of 10+ people at least a year or three to finish, so I don't blame you for giving up. I am still a little sad I won't get to play the finished game, sure, but I completely understand. Though, unless I've missed something, all this radio silence really isn't good for your image. I'm not one of the people who funded it, but I think it would be best to give back the donations to the donors, if you haven't done so already, and admit that you took too much on your plate with the game, instead of just letting the DEMO collect dust. In the best case scenario- that you're still actively working on the game- at least tell your fans! If you say something now, sure, people will still be mad at you for staying silent for so long, but wouldn't that be better than things getting even worse and your fans hating you? We're not asking for you to deliver the game to us on a silver plate right this instant, we just want to know what happened, if the game is cancelled, or if we should still have hope.

I know you probably won't read this, but I figured it was worth a shot.

Thanks! And thanks for correcting me on the 'sanctuary' bit. 

I get stuck at the fight with the Champion at the sanctorium. Theoren's blue meter is completely empty, and I cannot click on anything.

Hey, sorry if you've already answered this, but I was just wondering...Before the DEMO starts, you get to pick how tRoS ended, and I was a little confused when it showed Frederique had a route in the previous one. I've gotten an ending for all the love interests, and I was just wondering about Frederique's route, which I missed, and also wondering how you initiate it in tRoS in the first place. 

By the way, I love the game so far!

Oh, ok, I get it now! Thanks!

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Please help I'm stupid. When I go to choose a route, I can't choose Paris' route for some reason. It's dark, while Rafael and Braums' are lit up. I was wondering if I chose something that made me unable to do his route. Could you please explain what I did wrong? Q~Q

I'm a shika cisgender girl, I've tried saying both 'yes' and 'no' to cheating on the boat,  I gave him melon bread, called Rafael 'Fai', didn't snoop through Braums' private information and didn't get mad at Braums for forgetting my name.

Oh, great game, by the way. Love the character customization!

just finished the demo...and DAMN!!!!! when will this be realesd?!?! I WANT IIIIT!!!!!!! 10/10 best game ever loved it! :D

you are amazing btw!

I just finished playing through the Demo and i really liked it! :D                                                        Looking forward to the official release c:

oh and by the way! the only way i could get to the save section was to press escape. Clicking the save option on the conversation bar/main menu only opened a page where it said something went wrong. i'm hoping i could be of some help with this :)